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    Thanks for the video Sam - I am curios why at point 2:44 in the video after 3....d5xc4 you do not play a4 preventing b5

    Thank you again

  • 5 months ago


    Actually this is one of the best videos I've seen. It covers so much! It's an openings video, not a learn to play chess, or middle game, or end game video

  • 10 months ago


    Horrible video...just quoting variations and not learning anything...
  • 14 months ago


    very helpful, thanks, Sam!!

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    You really need to prepare better for your videos. You start talking about positions, then stop because you're not sure. It also seems like your talking to yourself. That's quite unfortunate since this is the only queens gambit video.
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    I can't watch the whole video
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  • 2 years ago


    Although GM Shankland meant well, I agree way too fast.

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    It was way too fast. I don't know how many times i had to rewind and I still didn't understand it.

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    please do not tell people to slow down in their explainations, My main issue with video format for instruction is how slow it can get at times.

    I can't stand when they keep dragging out obvious idea's.

    If you need to you can always rewatch what is to fast for you.

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  • 3 years ago


    It's very much like watching TV, not a an approach to the QG. He apparently knows a lot, but fails, in my mind at least, to teach.

    He mentions the Botvinik-Variation and then just ... fails to explain.

    Nevertheless, I usually enjoy watching the videos and have learned a ton from them.

  • 3 years ago


    I hate to pile on here, but I have to agree: GM Shankland clearly has impressive knowledge of the QG opening as white or black, but he largely fails to transfer some of that precious knowledge in a clear and succinct manner.  Yes, the video is listed as "advanced", but I think it still fails to live up to its title.  "Variations Galore in the Queens Gambit!" or "A Whirlwind Trip through GM Shankland's Stream of Consciousness Calculations" is pretty much what this series comes down to. 

    I could list a number of constructive criticisms that I think would make this video--and potentially others from Sam--more accessible to his eager audience.  But instead, I think viewing an exemplarly video on an opening would be more helpful.  For that, I would point you to GM Perelshteyn's masterful, three-part video on the "Scandinavian 3...Qa5".  Those videos typify great instruction for a series on a particular opening.  The pacing, explanations, variations, and spiraled reviews contained within create clarity and continuity that are invaluable for learning.  

    I don't want GM Shankland to think he has to "dumb down" his videos too much, but GM Perelshteyn's Scandinavian series shows how tremendously effective a GM can be in helping a mere mortal improve his or her game by simply slowing down a bit, narrating the moves with greater care, and throwing in a review sequence here or there.

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    There are very few explanations in this video. For the most part he darts through main lines and variations, without helping the viewer get a sense of what's going on (it is like reading very quickly an opening book without reading most of the comentary). My bet is that if you are an advanced player that only wants to refresh her memory regarding main lines and variations, this is a great video. However, if you don't know very well the main ideas in the Queen's Gambit already, this video won't help you that much. 

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    I realize the target audience of this video is "advanced", but frankly: I would think that anybody so advanced as to be able to follow the different lines mentioned in this vid (often without showing the moves but just mentioning the notation) at this speed, would be be such an advanced player that I can hardly believe they need to see a vid about the first few opening moves of queens gambit? Myself being a beginner, I am really curious about the "why" and "how" of the Q. G. but couldn't find a video at my level.

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    I got to agrea with you, I am kind of unhappy since I happen to play Queen gambit alot, and neeeded, wanted to learn this.

    It is just running true lines in fast tempo, sometimes not even being sure about the lines.

    I learned more from watching 2 min with valeri then 30 min with Sam :/

  • 3 years ago


    What is the intended audience for Sam's videos ???

    coz every time I want to learn something... It is almost always covered by Master Sam... No matter how hard I try, I don't get a thing. Then I try to learn using databases, engines etc. etc.. add a couple of points to my rating...clear my head... speak to myself "it's ok I am gonna learn from Sam this time..I am gonna understand blah blah blah..." then again I feel disgusted, depressed and lost....


    I am sorry, but please master quit it, let Master Valeri or Master Kaidanov handle this. This is not your cup of tea.



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    Why should we play queens gambit when black is doing allright or better in every lines u mention?

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