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    Great Video
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    info at the end of this lesson on the Scandinavian (2...Nf6) was REALLY well presented and enlightening... i'am pretty much a beginner and even i could follow along :)  thank u!

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    Very good.

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    thank you

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    Great video! I sometimes play Alekhine's defence if I'm not feeling like playing a Sicilian... but never the centre-counter (Scandinavian) because I've seen the following played against me too many times (winning for me!) and there's obviously a ton of theory to keep the queen safe.

    Hand's up who's had this played against them and a quick resignation!? Cool

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    Well, what is good about the videos is all a matter of opinion, of course.

    A more efficient method of delivering chess lessons would be along the lines of an "active book", so to speak, but I do enjoy these videos, for reasons not directly related to the lesson being delivered.

    Through these, we get a glimpse into how GM Kaidanov, IM Rensch, et al. structure their thoughts. I love that. Secondly, there is the occasional "aha" moment caused when these masters of the game say something a certain way, causing you to make connections you never made before, even though you had all the knowledge beforehand.

    So even if you only get one second of true value from these 45 minutes or so, it could save you months or even years of suffering from a misconception or an ignorance of some relation between bits of knowledge.

    In addition, when masters write chess, they prune out remarks that they think are too obvious to relate, but in the video, you get to put together why there is no note on that perfectly good (taken on its merits alone) move you saw, because when the master speaks chess, you hear that he doesn't "like the look of a bishop there". Hopefully that conveys my meaning.

    You get out of the videos as much as you like, so far as it suits you. If they don't suit you, then use the immense amount of material that is available in other forms.

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    would you be more specific, guys: what's so good, even awesome about this videos? I find it boring...

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    NM NoRematch

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    Thanks GM Kaidanov, your videos are very good :)!

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    Thanks GM Kaidanov, your videos are awesome.

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    I'd like to see more on The Scandanavian from GM Kaidanov, when Black's queen goes to d6.  How can Black play for equality, followed by an advantage?

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    Yes, Russians pronounce Aliokhin, but Alekhine himself insisted on being pronounced as Alekhin. Alekhine is a French transcription.

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    Good stuff!

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