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    Thanks again Grandmaster.

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    Thank you Grandmaster.

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    Bf3 was a greeeaatt shot!

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    Thanks Melikset, this was a great piece of instruction.

    There are sooo many lessons I could learn from it, here are 3 I noted:

    • If you are dealing with tension, you always try to win [the] battle around tension and always try to force your opponent to give up a tension.
    • The game of chess, it's not a game of material.  Do not be materialistic.  Do not think, that if only you collect some material, you're definitely going to win the game.  No, it's not the right approach to play this game.  The game is all about controlling the board, controlling the squares, and having healthy pieces.
    • Always try to find the main idea of your opponent.  If you see the main idea, if you believe the main idea creates some inconvenience, creates some threat, then cut the threat, cut it off.
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    John Watson used to espouse this line for Black, with ...Ba6 and not ...Bb7.

    He gave some lines (with Qh5+ ...g6) to demonstrate Black was OK but yeara ago even as young C players my brother Craig and I discovered on our own that an early a4! before Black played Nb8 was the crucial line.  Of course, this game is a bit different but a4! (as played by Melik here) was still crucial in this Nc6 game.

    I wonderful game, GM Khachiyan, you should be proud!

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    Consistency is a very important concept, thanks for the lecture! And exciting game!

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    Very interesting game and lecture! I like the logic of "squares not material" I first heard it 4 months ago and have improved a lot since then, I will definately continue watching your lectures they are great!

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    Qd3!! amazing move.  As others have said, the theme of playing squares over material is very instructive.


    You mention in the video that Nc6 changes your plan to play Nh3-f4 etc... out of curiosity, why is this?  It seems that the plan you executed in the game would work just as well against Ba6.

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    CM FLfish29

    Great video thanks.  I also cringed when I saw black's Nc6.  I believe his wishful thinking idea was to play Na5-Nc4 & hoping to somehow activate his b7 bishop via the long diagonal after something like BxN on c4 (which white likely would not play anyways!) but this brings up an important point:  Chess ideas will always trumped by concrete calculation.  Your Bb4! refutes black's whole concept thus Nc6 indeed deserves a (?).  With Ba6, black could've at least fought on in a slightly worse position.       

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    GM GMMelik


    This is respond to ZucchiniMann,

    Well idea having Qa5 and Ba6 it's not going to happen in this line.It could be done by different move order 4...c5 5.a3 Bxc3 6.bc3 Qa5 7.Bd2 Qa4,but here let's say qhite could play 8.Qb1  and forced black to play 8...c4.,and no more b6 idea. What I"m trying to say ,it's rare to see conection between Qa5 and Ba6.

    Regarding choosing Nc6 move. It's possible,but by my opinion it's wrong idea. Things changed since game of Kavalek has been played.And lastly regarding pushing pawns on KS,that's absoluetely fine.It's just matter of like or dislike.

    If any more questions you welcome to ask.

    Kind regards,

    GM Melik.

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    thanks...good lesson..

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    NM ih8sens

    I'd love to hear GM Khachiyan's answer to zuchinnimann's question (first post on this video).  Is pawn storming the kingside also a valid plan? Or should white prefer to play with his pieces?

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    I liked the way that Black tried to change the dynamics of the game; I think he knew he was losing and made a big effort to change the structure with the knight sacrifice but this was pretty exciting because it looked like he was getting A LOT of counterplay with the idea until you cut it off ... almost immediately.  Nice game from a lot different perspectives.  

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    Excelletn video!  Great explanations on the "ideas" behind the opening moves!

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    I love these videos.  So informative.  Thanks a lot, GM Khachiyan

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    "Don't play material - play the squares"

    I love that line, really helpful advice - thank you!

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    really good. i like ur rook sacs

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    Great video. thanks.

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    Very interesting, thanks!

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