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    nice w

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    Would you say the opponent could have done better to omit the Nf6 until he were fully developed, to avoid having it chased away by e5?

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    Thank you Grandmaster Khachiyan.

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    okay; I can't resist. The meaning of "defend the center; watch out for the center" is mysterious to beginners. This game devolves into something like an attack by Philidor in the nineteenth century; all these successful attacks on the castled black king have one thing in common; the Knight on f6 is missing! learners; write this on the inside of your sunglasses; you must have the knight on f6; or you do not have a valid defended castled position; you are vulnerable. Once again; to simplify nine million details; all the many, many, attacks that can be prosecuted against you if the knight is missing in action from f6; cannot be used if he is at home. That is a very good reason to watch out for the center; do not allow this knight to be driven away. So, now I have said my two cents worth. These types of thrilling smash-em-up attacks ending in middle game checkmates were the bread and butter work of the national champions in the nineteenth century; remember if you don't survive the middle game; there's not much use to your 1200 hours of study of modern end game theory!

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    NM SasaK

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    Very interesting, I am going to implement it every day when starting to play. Thank you for your video,

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    Thanks for the video...

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    What happens if black plays dxe?  Does White take back with the f pawn or d pawn?  One makes a long chain, the other makes another kingside pawn.

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    Thanks for the video. Very nicely done!

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    Superb lesson. Very,very useful !!

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    Thanks for another excellent video.  I particularly like your "tips," wherein you isolate a particular situation that can be expected to recur in many games.  I think you could do a series of videos on those alone.

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    Very Intresting!Laughing

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    Great video! thanks.

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    @Tai7 Yes, chess is like kung-fu, I do both myself :)

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    @barbarian22 this video is 19:50 minutes in total, although free members only can see the first 2.5 minutes

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    Thank you for the good advice about attacking and guarding the centre, chess is just like Kung Fu !

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    Thanks for doing this...but same problem like all other videos...too short.  2.5 minutes total of which only 1.5 minutes of pieces moving.  Videos should be minimum 10 mi nutes long, otherwise it is silly.  No one can cover much ground in 2.5 minutes!

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    thank you very much sir =)

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    FM YouAreMate

    Interesting and useful tutorial. Well done!

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