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    Thank you Grandmaster.

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    Lasker? Maybe, once again I'm willing to say, an inheritor of Capablanca. The kind of chess that makes your heart sing.

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    The advice to study the games of Lasker and Capablanca is very important. This is why I hate computers; and to some extent the modern "perfect games"; in the first place, I'm no good at it! In the second place, where is the psychology! Many times I won club games by astonishing and confusing and disorienting these perfect students who remembered every correct opening move of every opening; but who made mistakes when confronted with a "mess" on the board. This was 14 years ago; now, I think it's much worse; they really do know all the perfect moves; and they think like little computers; damn them!

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    As a club player i can only agree with Melik,game of chess is a war beetwen 2 personalities.Taking a stand in critical moments of the game is the right way of playing for a win.And if you have to play a few risky or suspicious moves than it is a low price for victory.Yesterday my team had a match in national league and it was last round.We had to play away match against a team of Jelsa for the leauge title on their field.Winner takes it all,first place and promotion in the higher rank.Last time we were visiting Jelsa we had a bad trip,they smashed us 5-1!!So as the match went into 2. hour of play situation was looking to be the same again!We had 4 uggly positions and 2 suspicious one.I as a captain of the team played on board 3 and made a sirious mistake in the opening and have to go to middlegame with 2 pawns down with little or no compesation.And than i said ok ican either resign or i can try to cook something up.Cooking means i saced 2 more pawns which my oponent rather quickly took as he was saying>Hey you donk,you ll not bluffing me!But unfortunately for my oponent that fourth pawn wasnt a smart meal and than i saced a 5.pawn and a rook and won in brilliant stile.My oponent stood up and left the room without saying a word!He was asking how did i get in this situation.After i won the game situation in a match suddenly changed and my buddy Marin on board 1 won also probbably lost game and than 5. and 6. board turn their suspicious positions into a victory.We won the match 5-1 taking the championship!

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    @elindauer Melik never said that the sacrifice was objectively bunk; he just said that it wasn't clearly irrefutable. He wanted to throw a wrench in the system because he thought that was his best chance for a win under the given circumstances. A draw wouldn't have cut it.

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    After the bishop sac and Nxg4 threatening the mate-in-1 could you have played a deflection tactic such as Bg5!? Is it legit or a bad idea? Does this work well in the long run because I haven't checked it but the move screamed out at me lol Laughing

    Amazing game Melik and some very clear instructive analysis too, great job!

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    enjoyed this video very much ... thank you ... brave move here ... putting pressure on the opponent ... you deserved the $$.

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    You passed on an objectively equal position in favor of a dubious sacrifice because you were afraid your opponent would outplay you?  This is a smart decision?  Who are you?  What have you done with the real Melik?


    Still a fan though.

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