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    Nice w!

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    Thank you Grandmaster Melikset Khachiyan.

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    Definately a great game! I love the way I can hear how pasionate you are when explaining a line or thought... shows just how much it matters to you and that sort of enthusiam is infectious! Awesome Cool

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    I like the part where he says to believe in what you know. Thanks for a good video and lesson.

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    Melik= the best.....situational confidence and understanding, strategic organization with memory, and the tactical eye.....lots of lessons here.

    Thanks for sharing these insights ....very nice game.

  • 4 years ago

    CM FLfish29

    Great game thx!  Very instructive video.

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    Thanks for sharing the entertaining game! It must feel good to have a win against another video authorSmile

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    Well, the piece sac is strange. It seems so right, but it's not.

    When the video reached move 15, I stopped it and tried to guess the right answer. I found two.

    First, I looked at d6, and found that after the queen takes the knight, I get a rook for knight and pawn. (If black plays Ra7 instead, I picked Re1, which is ok, but not as good as the best reply, Bc6!, getting ready for Re1 and major play against the e5 pawn.)

    Then I considered the Nxd4 line, and thought that looked promising, even though I made the mistake of Re1+.

    When I unpaused the video and saw Melik play Nxd4, I was happy I at least considered it. So, I was surprised when I then ran the position through Houdini. It gives Nxd4 as the 4th/5th best move, a full half-pawn behind the top 3-4. Houdini likes Qd3, d6, Be4, and Re1 more than Nxd4. 

    I wonder if the thrill of "getting away with" the sacrifice tempts human players to do it.

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    Enjoyed the video and the simple to follow and understand analysis. Thank you

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    Similiar to the Najdorf that I play.Thanks for the video!

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    i heard in the background at 3:18, a dog

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    Really great video. I love the talk about how, since you hadn't made any mistakes, there must be a way "out" of trouble.

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    excellenti!! i like it. Great game GM Melik

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    I wish I had played that game against Shanky.

  • 4 years ago


    Excellent calculation for the piece sacrifice!  That took some courage... it would have been easy to overlook a defensive resource in a calculation that deep.  Nice game.

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