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    Nice one Sam

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    GREAT game.

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    firethorn after Nxb2 what if white does Nxe6. That was a good game. Congratulations

  • 3 years ago

    NM Petrosianic

    this game definitely caught my attention when i saw it some time before this video - glad you discussed it and very interesting things you said [regarding the Nb3 quality and Rxc3 ideas].  also your idea regarding the quality of Rc8 in conjunction with Nbd7 in this najdorf variation is an interesting perspective - although you failed to explain it really, concrete reasons for your opinion there.  besides that omission, i appreciated the content provided.

    i wonder if h7-h6 is a useful move in this structure - i would surmise yes if white does not have time to establish a pawn on g5 ... interesting to check.  also it would be interesting to check other methods to prepare pawn g4 besides h3 and f3.

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    Sam this was a great victory and what a great way to start things on a winning track!!  Well done! 

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    Great game and analysis.

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    Great video. Thx!

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    Ah, yes. Thanks elindauer, I was sure two 2600s wouldn't have missed this for some reason!

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    IM DanielRensch

    Loved this game... I learned a lot about this new line!

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    Nice video Sam.  I liked the clear explanation of the opening battle and the principles underlying this opening variation.  Nice mix of strategy and tactics in this one.


    @Gwilym: nice combination!  I think you may have missed that after Nxb2 white has the intermezzo Nxe6 though.  This hits the queen and removes the key Qxa2+ in your line.  So Nxb2 Nxe6 fxe6 Kxb2 Rxc3 Kxc3 Qa5+ Kb2 and now there is no Qa2+ which means black is simply lost.

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    Really nice analysis. I particularly liked how you explained the plan for putting the queen on f3, but since Black responded in a certain way you ended up putting it on d2. Very insightful.

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    Another insightful lucid high level analysis.  Good Najdorf review and a great game.  Thank you and keep 'em coming.

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    At 17:05, can Black play Nxb2?

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