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    Really awesome.

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    Thanks again Grandmaster Melik.

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    Note for the webmaster. I'm missing the video controls. Can't pause, resume or go back or anything else. The only option would be to refresh page and play from start. like now when a reminder poped up and the video paused - i can't hit play since there are no buttons. Please fix. Thanks. I'm using safari on ipad.

    Update: updating to IOS 6.0.1 did not fixed the issue, but after restarting it displayed the controls once. After posting this comment video controls were gone again. Restarting safari did not help. Please look into it. It must be fixable on your side. Btw safari on ipad is using quicktime video player.

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    I lost a game in a similar position with d5 break. In hindsight, should have gone c5 to grab space. Very interesting positional idea. Thanks

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    Excellent lesson for my game as black... and much much more.

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    this is a great video!  I need in my own games to learn how to plan and think about postitions like this!  Very instructive!

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    One of the better vids I have watched in a while, nice tactics and principles.

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    As always with GM Khachiyan, a fantastic lesson.  My mind is always blown by how easy he makes it seem.  He really allows you to get into the thinking process.

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    Great video.

    Would love to see more examples of space advantage conversions.

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    NM DrDog123

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    Wow! One of the best video's! I say this because you explain the thought process of a GM! Believe it or not, you telling us how much time you took for a move is very helpful too! Let's me know what positions a GM find's key and worth thinking about. These video's are highly valued keep it up!

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    very good tactics

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    Thank you GM Malikset. Your explanation and logical thinking process helps me a lot in my games!

    Please keep up the good work!

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    Malik tells us that when you find yourself in uncharted waters, a solid chess thinking process is to use instinct and follow a principle of making the most obvious moves. (moves you have to make anyways.) until you can develop your own plan. He reminds us that both players are thinking, and part of the game is to try and read your opponents mind - ie "what is the thinking associated with this move?"

    notes for this game:

    When chasing white bishop from g4, h5, g6 remember the ruy lopez move of d3.

    If black queen takes pawn a b4 it opens up a plethera of strategic and tactical options. 

    white castles king side with idea of pushing pawns on queen side.

    White cramps the pieces that want to use dark squares.

    Notes general:

    When you are better developed and more active keep pieces alive.


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    I really liked this video. Great analyzing, thanks a lot!

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    no good

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