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    Interesting sideline!

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    How come not on authors list?

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    IM Trendle

    ajitsampat I chose to recommend 3...a6 vs the Tarrasch because there has already been quite a lot of recent coverage of the 3...Nc6 line (the Guimard) against 3.Nd2 and I felt I could bring more original ideas into 3..a6. As it happens I play both as I enjoy switching from line to line to avoid deep preparation from my opponents. 3.Nc3 Nc6 hasn't had as much coverage so far.

    Petrosianic I'm hoping to show some more stuff about how to deal with the Be3, f4 structure. Watch this space!

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    nice vdo

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    NM Petrosianic

    Fascinating stuff, I play 1...Nc6 occasionally; this video is quite useful for Nimzowitsch players as well.  Black's development looked quite convincing in most lines, the lines looking better than their reputation imo.  However, If white can get f4 before Nf3 as in that line that IM Rendle showed with Be3, maybe black has some problems, what to do with the bishops and queen for one, especially that Bb4 guy, and how to make further inroads into white's position - yet maybe black has more active pieces than in a normal French.  Looking forward to further analysis!

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    Enjoyed the video. I've never played the French as black, but I'm inspired to try it now.

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    Good lesson.

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    Enjoyed the video. Queston...Against  Tarrasch variaton, you recommended 3...a6 and here 3...Nc6. Long time ago, I read John Watson's article where he showed 3...Nc6 effective against  Tarrasch as well using ideas and the lines you have shown in this video. Any comments from you as to why 3...Nc6 here and not against  Tarrasch ?

    Please have your name added in authors list so one can find your prevous videos easly.  Many thanks.

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    Interesting lines

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    I love it and I have been keeping up with these videos. My coach play this Guimard line and some cool new ideas have been hinted at here; I am really looking forward to the next installments. Also the Tarrasch ...a6 variation has been netting me some pretty nifty results. Keep it up.

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