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    Passive play by white is bad.

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    Hello Thomas. Thanks for the interesting video. Do you still trust the positions after 9Nb3 c4 etc?

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    This is my favorite defense!

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    you are 


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    too cursory

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    very instructive

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    i recently played against a grandmaster daniel gormally ( the mad one who punched the bloke) and ive only been playing chess for about 4 or 5 months

    and thanks to theese videos i was winning

    till i had my 6th pint and then it all went banana shaped

  • 6 years ago

    IM Trendle

    Yes astroduf, Black should be comfortable playing against the isolated pawn in this case as the knight is now strangely placed on e2.

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    Great video. I tried to experiment with the variation and the first time I got a chance, my opponent played a line you didn't cover and I was wondering about the correct way and plan in that case. In your video, you mentionned 4. Bd3 c5 5. c3 transposes but after Nc6 Ne2, the g5 plan is out. How should black handle the position then ? Should I exchange in the center and play against the isolated central pawn or there is a better plan ? Thank you.

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    Very good analysis, though too short. A teaser...

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    Nice. Rendle had a quick win with this system in the british championships yesterday!

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    i play the French all the time and these video series have just been the best... They have improved my play.  Please do one on the Winawer. I just fail to see the advantage of black giving up its best bishop so early in the game. Thank You !

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    great video

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    excellent video!!!..i loved it..

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