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    Superb game with super instructive analysis.Am rewinding  to play it again and again not to miss GM Sam's clear chess thinking style and imbibe some of it to improve my own OTB game.I have alrReay spent around 90 minutes to reach 20 minutes in the video till now.

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    i laughed when i saw that your king was heading for the a8-b8-b7 area.....


    amazing game thank you!

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    Awesome play!  Scary calculations!  I would feel queezy with my king exposed to that many checks.  Great game.

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    these videos are cool but do u always refer to urself as GM in third person? lol

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    and that's what it takes to be a GM..seems impossible to play that accurately. Awseome play GM Shankland.

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    Excellent in terms of quality of the game (from both sides!), the tone of the video (smile), the details offered in sidelines, context, and all:))

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    What an amazing game!! I even found 16.Ba5! when you said you found a really good move, which shows my own improvement, with help from watching your games, top stuff Cool

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    00awesome sam its only a matter of time intil you become a 2600 player

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    Sam: Marching your King to the Queenside to defend him ironically reminds me of Nigel Short's famous King march up the kingside, although his was to attack! Either way, you showed real creativity and you have matured so much as a player from a year ago. Thanks for this game!

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    Great video, I play the kings indian as my main defense against d4 and seeing you attack it was really good for my understanding of it. Well done and nice win.

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    Sam, your excitement about the game shines through and really makes this video a joy to watch.  It seems you have responded to the feedback here, and found a great balance between honest in your evaluations without being overly harsh.


    This video deepened my understanding of the King's Indian, allowed for some nice calculation challenges, and had some good move quizzes.  I felt you gave a little more detail on the sidelines than normal, and for me that was really helpful.  The pace was fast and furious.


    What else could a chess player want?  Awesome job.

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    the more vids like this the better :)  Sams calculations are unbelievable! i had a lot of fun following those analysis lines.

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    Wow, you pwned that little kid! You grab his teddy bear and talk some smack after the match?

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    It always seems White wins these great games in the KID. Makes the KID look like a bad opening lol.  Makes me want to switch from the KID to something like Nimzo or QID.

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    pretty impressive win!!

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