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    A Total lesson!

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    Thinking process'

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    thank you

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    thanks again Grandmaster.

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    Another fantastic video, GM Melik! Thanks!

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    Thanks Melik for another great video!

    Here are my lessons to remember:

    • If one piece stands worse, then the whole game stands worse. The strategy then is very simple: make sure that the worse piece won't return to the game, or will return as late as possible
    • If the [pawn] chain is long, the chain is strong
    • Petrosian said there are 2 openings to apply in your repertoire, in order to understand chess better: King's Indian Defence and Roy Lopez, because they are very rich, they have everything. Some of the lines are very positional, some of the lines are very sharp. So if you able to handle these openings, you will be able to handle pretty much any opening, because they will teach you a lot.
    • Every time you are in the middle game, especially the first stage of the middle game, like you've just finished your opening for instance, you have to take your time to figure out your plan. Play with a plan!
    • Steiniz said, Try to keep tension as long as possible, because keeping tension always bothers your opponent, so always makes your moves annoying.
    • One of the strategies of playing against a bad piece is simply to eliminate the rest of the pieces, because if a bad piece has a team mate, it could be possible to be improved, it could be OK; but if a bad piece has no team mate, then this is dangerous
    • Being patient is another lesson in the endgame; simply improve your position.
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    this is really nice..very instructional!Laughing

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    1.Nf3 and the KID is part of my repertoire...To see it from a grandmasters view from both sides of the board is awesome. 

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    Impressive. Thanks

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    Melik's videos are awesome. I haven't seen anyone as skilled in explaining positional concepts and games in general to an intermediate-level player such as myself. He doesn't digress into long calculated lines, which can get a bit boring and is better left to books; and instead focuses on principles, which is exactly what I want when watching a video.

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    Very helpful video, thank you.

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    Great video Milekset, thank you for using the red arrows when you discuss plans, it makes it much easier for us lower rated guys to understand. Also, I loved how you turned blacks knight into a donkey!!! I would like to see more videos just like this one.

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    They ( is doing the work for us so they should get paid.  I'm just happy to get to play chess.  :)

    The fact that they provide so much for free is an even better advertisement for Capitalism.  :D

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    I love how Melik calls his pieces 'guys.' Laughing

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    What a pointless remark. It's not like is just gonna give you a diamond because your whining.

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    I can't see the full  video cause i am not a diamond or gold o platinum member:(((((

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