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    Very good thanks!

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    Thanks Valeri! I loved how White employed the idea of moving his pieces back in preparation of the f2-f3 and e3-e4 idea to take control of the center. Very instructive.

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    I think talking about central control in squares makes more sense.  The reason black can't give up a dark bishop here is that c5 e5 and d6 are weak squares because the entire black pawn complex is based around light squares.  Giving up the light squared bishop for a knight would often make black happy in the early parts of these openings so its not just a matter of the bishop pair!

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                             Very nicely done! Lesson well taken of how central control with if only with a few pawns can haunt your opponent in the later part of the game with a few key moves to remove the gaurd! Excellent stuff! Ive had the pleasure of seeing all your videos now and Im sure like many others Im quite amazed by your dynamic teaching ability!  Take care for now and look forwar to your future videos.      Thanks so much

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    i need a new opening dragon is getting on my nerves

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    Outstanding, as a neophyte this is the stuff I need. Opening thoery  and a lot of whys answered.

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    Another great vid mate, I'll be following all your lectures for in the future.

    And bobobobob101 That's got to be the most annoying of all the "easy" comments I've ever seen! Yell

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    I Agree video lessons are better than chess mentor.

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    The video lessons are even better than chess mentor. 

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    The consequence of a passive, weak move h6.

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    lol i usually just do this as a natural opening..

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    its too short presentation....more please. thanks.

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    Very instructive. Please continue this series...we do need more on center. With addition of video lessons, diamond membership is well worth it. Where can you watch a quality chess lesson for $0.27 per day each day? And you get to use awesome chess mentor, tactical trainer and other features. Value of video lessons is they simply grow on you and you start doing what you learn. I am talking from experience as I was watching quality lessons on another site before. Anyone interested in improving chess, seriously consider diamond membership.

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    im sure i can find some helpful site with some video's through ovguide thanks anyways Cool

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    O.K. , it looks cool but a too short demonstration and on the whole I believe it does not give us a fair idea of what we are going to get for upgrading nor how much will it cost in money. Thank youEmbarassed

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    i couldnot see any vedeo games. I am much interested to improve my  game - openings, middle game, ernd games

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