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    Interesting video.

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    Hope this isn't the last video on Carlsen ... don't mess with the Vikings!  He's a cool kid.

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    Carlsen's simplicity is terrifying, and not so simple.

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    Thanks Josh! It's more impressive for me at least to see this kind of solid positional play than the flashy type games anyway. Reminds me of the way Karpov plays prophylactic moves (offensive and defensive at the same time.) Nice job!

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    Why does Baron Zugzwang have to be so negative, Friedel did a great job of presenting the game. We are here to learn about chess not to be critical of the narrator. Good job Josh, great game by Carlsen.

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    Playing simple yet solid moves make chess much easier and enjoyable for me to play. I believe the more you learn positional play, the more easy it is to find the simple yet solid moves that together combinate into winning complex games.

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    Good to see a Magnus Carlsen video.

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    Very good and instructive, thank you.

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    I remember last time I watched one of this guys videos (the one about the BRvR endgame) he drove me mad because nearly every sentence he opened with the word "AGAIN" and again and again, and sooo sadly here I had trouble focusing on what he was saying cos every time he said again it went through me and this was so irritating I found it hard to focus. I bailed out after 8 minutes by which time he had said it like 30 times, go on count it you'll be amazed its a world record attempt or something. BORING narrative makes great subject geeky is this why chess has a bad rep?

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    A nice video, but a better, professional microphone would help a lot.

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    amazing player

  • 7 years ago


    Great game by Carlson, hope to see more of him in the future

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    I remember when I first saw this game I found it to be brilliant.  Im happy that this was also noticed by the elite and was reviewed. 

    Im sure most people realize that Kramik is known as a positional genious.  To be outplayed with such finesse should serve to let people know what a true talent Magnus is. 

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    Thanks, an exellent display of position control and solid tactics.

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    yea I realy adour thy moves but my problem is that I wanted to atleast play with Computer or play with any of my Chess members, since I registerd I've never tried to see who I can challenge or challenge me please help me and guide me through thanks .                                                                                                                                  ...............................................................................Yoursfaithfully      ................................................................................ajia,from Nigeria.

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    Carlsen is a great player!

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    Magnus Carlsen is so good!

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