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    Sorry Ed, your suggestion of Qf3+ fails to Bxf3.

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    So, correct me if I am wrong, but when he asks us to stop the video at move 28. ...Rxd3, and asks how to win the game. he says its a tactical move ,29. Rc3 Qxc4, wouldn't it actually be a mate pattern for him to go 29. Rc3 Qf3 + , Kings only move would be Kg1, then Nh3 # ?

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    This was my first time today viewing your work. I watch the first video,

    Win Equal Endings by Slowly Improving Your Pieces. And said to myself. I like how he instructs. he talks to Us , in the simplest terms. He explains and instruct , so  , so simple. (In elementary terms) So all can understand.

    This is a true sign of true proffesionalism brought to Us , By

    I said:

    I think I'll watch all his work from now on!!! , And I was right!!!

     This video was amazingly instructive!!!

    thanku very much GM Gregory Kaidanov. I will view all your excellent ingenious work here @ , and research u over the internet to get your lectures to the fullest extent...

    Bravo!!! your Amazing!!!

    Two Thumbs Way Up!!! :D


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    NM Splane

    In the final position I think Black's next move is 37 ... Qd3 no matter what White plays.

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    I wonder what makes GM Kaidanov's videos so superior? Perhaps its his eye for quiet, beautiful, and ultimately irressitable chess, as in this game, rather than endless reams of technical culculations.   

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    Fascinating display of power.

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    TQ SIR...

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    Love how Kaidanov flies through the opening and gets to the "meat and potatoes" of the middlegame. It's great for those of us who play and are already familiar with the English. Definitely an intermediate to expert level video that i'll watch one more time!

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    Interesting game, good explanations, nice!

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    Great video.

    @wnnublaiam I don't quite see what sort of resistance white could put up after 36. Qxf1 Rd1 37. Rf2. Black's plan is simple: pick up the queenside pawns and penetrate with the king. Yes, white could cut the king off using the f4 and h4 squares, but I think the fortress can be broken. One reason for thinking so is that if black gets active enough with his king, the pawn ending that results from Qxh4 gxh4 or Qxf4 gxf4 Kxf4 will almost certainly be lost for white. Perhaps white can somehow hang onto that a pawn, but I somehow feel that black should be able to stop white from putting the pawn on a4 and the rook on f4 or h4 before the a pawn is lost. What are your thoughts?

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    Great video. thanks

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    Hope this would help anyone who studies the English Opening...

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