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    Great advice!!

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    thank you sir

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    Thanks again Coach.

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    Hey, that was some really interesting problems. Isn't chess beautiful, and unlike checkers, nobody will ever figure it out ...what a game, a game of kings.

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    Instructive :)  Thank you GM Khachiyan! :)

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    I think most people think that pros calculate 12-15 moves deep because they don't realize that what they think of as 12-15 moves is actually only considered 6-7 moves. seems to me to be a confusion between a full move and a half move. if you have 4 lines each of 2-3 moves that's 8-12 moves and 16-24 half moves. processing all these moves (full moves, half moves and all) would still require someone who just sat down at a chess board for the first time a substantial amount of time (to say the least (much more than, say, a mere 30 seconds)). if they are even able to identify the 4-5 key lines in the first place as just to do this you have to possess and be able to apply a substantial amount of positional knowledge no? I guess what's a 'bush' for a pro is like a full grown proud 'quercus alba' to a novice huh? yeah wow a lot of tedious topiary work to do there huh. it's ok. I can handle it.

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    Great video! This theory of "bushes" as you call them is one I have explained to some of my friends that don't play chess very often and assume that strong players ALWAYS calculate 12-15 moves deep which is wrong as you show here Wink

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    I keep getting a flash error that it can't find the file.

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    i cant view the video???

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    it says error loading media: file not foundFrown

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    Cannot view the video -- it is not loading for some reason. 

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    I'm learning a lot with you Melik. Thanks a lot. Really helpful!!!

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    Thanks helpful.

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    The problem with calculation videos is inevitably the GM says something like Melik at 1:30 "If White goes Kb2, at least Black can do Nc4+.  So clearly, playing Kb2...I don't think so; it's not an option."  Ok...we're just dismissing a whole line without looking at it?  Then we play Ka1 with absolutely no calculation of that line at all.  Sure, after Kc1, he loses two pawns, but after Ka1, maybe he loses a would we know if we don't look?

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    Thank very clear explanation. Good stuff!

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    thank you so much Grandmaster, this is a breakthrough for me,now I understand what I was lack in chess. To correctly understand the position and find the right move is not easy indeed. But with your plain tutorial, I am confident that someday I will be able to do it.

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    Thanx for the video .

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    Instructive and entertaining.

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    Thank you, very nice, plain and easy to understand.

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