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    Well Jesse, looks as though you got that one right.

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    Carlsen is no joke. This kid is gonna be the next champion and i see him holding that title for many many years. The kid is a genious. Can you imagine the outcome of a Carlsen vs. Fisher game? 

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    I like Carlsen's style of play and look forward to reviewing more of his games. BK

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    It is great for the novice to begin to see why Carlsen is so strong! 

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    Very instructive, thank you.

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    I don't understand your analysis at 33:26 where you say that after 1...Nxe3, that 2.Qxe3 lets black off the hook with 2...Nc2. Here is what I don't understand, since white has a knight on d4, wouldn't a recapture with that knight essentially be a win of material, 3.Nxc2, since to recapture with the rook would leave white with the option of Ra8+, picking up the rook on h8? Just thought I'd point that out so you can iron out the video.

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    Nice video, thank you very much! To make a suggestion, I felt as other have there was a little too much of going into previous games.

    Yes reviewing precedents is important, but ultimately it is the ideas of the present game that are most relevant. Since this is a lecture series on Carlsen it would make me happy to see the focus be his thought process in the present game. The appeal of chess is not as a subtractive process for your audience. At the highest level it is, in many respects. I.e. certain moves WILL lead to a draw, but here it is not so nescessary.

    Going into a 14 ply line of a previous game that ended in a in the middlegame, doesn't mean that that line will always go into a draw anyway. Besides, Carlsen could probably win it then anyway :)

    The video is very instructive, so I hope my suggestions are well received.



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    i want more

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    You shouldn't use so many off-track games. Focus on the main line and only use one or two.LaughingLaughing

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    blow ur nose and do something about ur saliva pls

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    Carlsen v. "Roger Bob"

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    Excellent matrial. Thank you. Takes an awful lot of browser refreshes to get it to play but well worth the patience spent when it does...

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    I was several  year  looking for a site like this is amasing,  thank you.

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    I enjoyed it! I am glad someone finally started looking at Carlsen's games.

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    couldnt get the video from the main page but i could from FM Liu's video page

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    Very interesting this video. Thx.

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    great video, very thorough, quality sound and interesting theme

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