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    Better than the first one

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    I've been carefully going through all of your videos... right now it's you and shankland as my favorites. 

  • 6 years ago


    Wow, it's amazing how Carlsen makes it look so easy. 

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    I thought the sidelines were a good idea, but the 'people have spoken' :)

    great series

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    Thank you for explaining Carlsen to us.

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    great, thanks.

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    jefree is wonderfulCool

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    This is a wonderful video and commentary. I look forward to Part 3. Smile

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    A long time viewer of videos and a first time viewer of your videos. The pace of your commentary is perfect, as well as your use of directional arrows. 

    Your videos are the most instructive. Thank you!! Smile

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    Just Great! Thanks. Perfect timing on the commentary, pausing just long enough for my slow brain to comprehend what I was looking at, :-). Not just looking at pieces flying all over the board and trying to keep up or rewinding the video. Looking forward to the next.

  • 6 years ago

    FM BecomeanIM

    I remember seeing this game while it was being broadcast with great attention because Ni Hua is such a great positional/practical player that i like to follow his developments. out of the opening it seemed he was doing really well and some how it all began to collapse. 

    I wonder how well he was actually doing in the opening.... any one have any insights on that? this is quite a common sideline in the sicilian for white.



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    I agree with "ajitsampat" -- more understanding of the 3 possible replies to Bb5 and common continuations. One thing I noticed about this game is White not able to capitalize on the kingside despite the enormous early pressure with Q and B; and, also, not able to do anything on the queenside when Black seemed in general disarray. Delightful video and looking forward to the conclusion.

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    Fantastic Liu...excellent commentary. I think sidelines are good, just my opinion. Against Bb5 move, I automatically play ...Bd7 and Carlsen played ...Nd7 and you said it depends on the type of the game you want to play...perhaps a little bit of explanation on the type of game with three different moves will be helpful...just want to know. Many thanks and don't wait too long for next video!!

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    Magnus certainly played on the edge with unconventional moves.  Maybe I missed it but  was there a point when Liu could have brought his queen down and checked Magnus followed by bishop takes pawn?

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    I loved your exploration of sidelines in the first video; fully agree with your (expert!!) opinion how important they are to understanding a position/game. Hard to please all the people all the time, obviously:) But please do revisit that policy!

    That said, this video was also totally excellent:) Also highly valued your description of the context in which the game was played:)))) Thank you!

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    Constructive criticism? Hmm... I think this video and the previous one in the series are fantastic. I think you have the right mix.

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    I don't know who was complaining but I thought the last video was great...more sidelines please. This is a great series. Thanks.

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    ooooh the to be continued....that will ensure the same amount of views on the second video.  Good video.  You guys are getting good at this!  

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