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    Know what to do? (learn / have a plan*)

    Direct defense 

    King safety #1 in complex endgames

    Active rook wins!

    Being disciplined about your opponents counter moves!

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    Melik at one point says that he can play Bd4 and win the endgame.  Later in the video a similar opportunity arises and he says he wanted to avoid that because it was too passive - with good reason because that endgame is very tricky to win.  White is a pawn up but Black has many drawing chances.

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    Thanks again Grandmaster.

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    Melik ---

    GREAT VIDEO!!!  I may have a low rating, but I have learned so much from this particular video.  Especially the mindset you need -- calming down to think properly, the relationship between knowing just because a tactic is attractive that it may not always be the best idea, and the difference between complex and simple types of endgames.  You really consider a LOT of counterplay ideas and I thnk thats understressed in a lot of videos in general.

    Thankyou so much I find this one of the most useful videos Ive seen since I started a membership. 

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    If any video proves there are a LOT of tactics in the endgame ... this is it!  It's a perfect blend of strategy with lots of practical and concrete tactics ... for me as a Grand Prix Player this opened up a lot of other possibilites in the opening ... it's amazing to me how few players, and it seems only the best informed, play 5. ... Nd4; now you played O-O but I always play Bd3 which looks ugly but does have some merit.  I'm going to explore your continuation ... since I learned this opening from Roman Dzindzichasvili it's been a great weapon ... loved seeing this endgame.

    Thanks so MUCH ... !!!

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    Exceptionally informative!

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    I absolutely love your videos and I how you play positionally. And your endgame is hands-down the best. I also noticed that your opponent's endgame wasn't too shabby. Excellent video, can't wait to view your next one.

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    after Nd6.if king goes to Ke7?? then its mate in two! Nc8+...Kf6 Bd8#(...Kf8 Rd8#)

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    Very nice, but very advanced. 

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    A truly fantastic display of technique from Melikset Khachiyan. The video is very precise accurate and to the point. Well done!!

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