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    I am Rafeh Qazi. This is a huge coincidence as I was not aware that you posted a video of a game against Eric Rosen on! It just so happens that Eric goes to the same school as myself at Niles North and I play 2nd board behind Eric. Of course there is a humongous ratings gap because I am a 1900 player whereas he broke 2400 last year. Anyways, I am a big fan of yours Sam, and this is a fairly recent conversion or realization, whatever you want to call it, as I have sort of transferred over from Chess.FM (ICC DASHER VIDEOS) to your videos.  I watched Both your recent US Chess Leagues and most of your other videos in a matter of 1 week even due to the fact that my membership of 1 month started about 5 SCHOOL DAYS AGO :). I am an upcoming player and I want to learn a lot more and become a stronger chess player. Along with solving tactical puzzles and familiarizing myself with various other motifs, I feel that watching your videos helped me tremendously! You explain your moves in a very simple and concise manner which makes it very easy to follow and understand. Well anyways... I wish you the best on your future endeavors and will ask you to remember the name of this upcoming chess beast. 

    This is future GM Rafeh Qazi... signing out ;). 

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    Great Lecture I loved it Thank You Sam

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    b5! :o

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    luck is the residue of skill

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    Pretty Good Luck!

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    bear witness ...

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    good shikha ,nice game play.................

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    Luck always helps. 

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