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    @Danny. Just to be clear: this (typically outstanding) video from Sam is not accessible from my iPhone three, yet all previous videos remain viewable. So the new software must apply to only this video,and to all iPhones, not just iPhone four, or so I deduce. While here, could I request a 'return to start of game' button on the app. Oh, and more live session videos please:)
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    nice! as a expeirenced player,  this is a logical video. it gave me some ideas t point out while teaching my chess students.

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    this was a very short film, but me and my friends watched it and it really showed us a few opening moves. overall it was great.Laughing


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    thanks Sam, I enjoyed the video.

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    IM DanielRensch

    @Diogenes28 -- No, this video has never been seen anywhere else. Sam has done USCL games reviews before, but this game was only played a few weeks ago, so a double posting is not possible...

    @yimin123 -- We are aware of this issue. It is a compatibility problem with the NEW Iphone software and our app; however, the videos are still playing on the OLD Iphone software and our app. Of course, we are working to fix it and we apologize...

    Great game from both players here!!!

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    Hello admins for some reason I can't watch this video with my iPhone... Please help.. Thanks
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    Why do I feel like I have seen this video before by Sam? Hmm, I must have seen it somewhere else unless this is a double post from an earliar video? Probably my mistake.

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    That Joel Benjamin is good. And Sam has the courage to feature a game which he lost with the white pieces. 

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    came up short, but a well played game.  those sneaky tricks....i cant see them coming, nor can i play them against my opponent. too hard to see. 

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