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    I luuuuv theoretical endgames. Can you do some more?

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    little tough 

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    awsmm video...

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    I'm probably only an intermediate player at best, but I have found this to be the most difficult endgame to master where a mate can be forced with best play by the defense, next to the two knight and king vs king and pawn scenerio (in limited situations). I'm very effective with mating in many endgame situations such as two bishops vs king, knight and bishop vs king and other scenerios, but this one has been tough for me to learn.

    There were times I've pulled it off, but this was the result of poor play on my opponents part rather than pure technique on my end. You can have the pieces placed in various positions to start this endgame, and it can be tough to even get this endgame to a third rank defense scenerio from my experience, let alone the second rank defense. Many times the opposing rook will resort to perpetual checks to force a repetitive three move draw, or to keep my king from getting closer to their king.

    I've practiced this endgame on chessmaster against grandmaster personalities, and it's not easy for me to get my pieces where they need to be. This is something that I guess I'll be trying to get better at, since I tend to have more endgame scenerios with a queen vs rook over the more easier ones. I don't get to play as often as I would like due to the lack of interest people have in chess where I live combined with long work hours.

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    ah i ran into this today in a live game and lost nice video 

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    CM JamesColeman

    I think it was Walter Browne not Nigel Short that played it vs a computer. Nice video, very useful.

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    Such a great lesson! I love endgame studies - it's the best part of chess Cool

    Anyone else who found this lecture interesting should check my blog post on this subject - I played this against Houdini in January, Houdini mashes me to checkmate in just 9 moves, and after about 6h of playing with the queen, I finally managed to capture Houdini's rook on move 50!!

    I haven't practiced this though since April so I think I'll be a bit rusty lol Smile

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    Ha at the end the name is wrong!!:D

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    SmileNice Queen V.S Rook video!

  • 4 years ago

    FM gauranga

    Nice video, and good idea to practice this against a computer. However, the computer, even at the Expert level keeps putting the rook on undefended squares right at the beginning Frown

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    Great video. thanks.

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    There's an article about this defence in "Šahovski Glasnik" No. 5-6/1953. p.  186. So much about a very strong computer "inventing" it.

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