Amateur Chess League 2020

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We are excited to announce Amateur Chess League Season-1 2020, co-organized by Corporate Chess India, IM Nubair, IM Sankalp, and IM Sammed(ChessDudes).

A team format tournament for an amateur to shine and experience the professional chess tournament with Titled Players being your team mentors.

Check out the rules for more details: 

Registration Form
1) For Team:  
2) For Free Agents(Individual not having team, we will help you form a team for you)
(Anyone wants to look for a team fill the above form)

Start creating your team as soon as possible.

1) Prize money
2) Professional tournament experience
3) Mentored by Titled players
4) Visibility of the player through the stream and social media handles of the streamers

Registration closes on Friday, 11th September 2020. Hurry Up!!