Fair and Open Discussion.

 To a club of open discussion and debates, a place to make personally believed statements or thoughts known, of sharing ideas and knowledge, and a club for coming together and collaborating on ideas. A club to argue in, a club to make friendly or unfriendly acquaintances. A club where a member can ask for help on something and receive loose help tips from other members.

(Note this club is for only members above 18 years of age, come in at your own risk if below 18!) Also, we only accept Chess.com users that have been a member for longer than 3 months.

This is a club where all topics are allowed for discussion. (Excluding Racial and other types of hate speeches and other such discussions, are not allowed to be promoted here.) We do have rules, yet we are fair and transparent in our dealings towards any members who break the club or site wide rules. 

Sexual topics are allowed, however a poster must have (Sexual Topic/Debate.) in the first part of the title of their forum. This is in order to inform members of the explicit content. So if you are not interested in anything sexual, and see the topic is listed as such, please do ignore the post. Any forum about any Sexual topic without the informing context in the first part of the topic's title would be deleted, yet the offensive user would receive their entire OP back through PM. So that user does not lose their statement permanently. This applies to all rule offending threads.

We also participate in friendly in house chess tournaments against each other, as well in playing vote chess and 960 matches against other teams.

You are welcomed to join!

Motto, "All topics are allowed upon the reason of delivered response and initial delivery of the topic."

Quote, "Criticizing ideas is not the same as mocking individuals."

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