Live Chess European League

        Registered and having founding member status: Romania Live Chess, Srbija Tim, Team Denmark, Team Azerbaijan, Team Slovakia, Team Russia, Team Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Team Italia, Team of the Czech Republic, Team France, Team Galicia, Belarus, Team Ukraine, Team Iceland, Team Georgia, Team England Live (last update December 30, 2019).

         Organization for live chess only. This club does not play any type of chess match or tournaments but has a purely organizational purpose. 

  Beginning with January 2020, a new live competition between nations will start! Thus, we inform you that  Live Chess European League (LCEL) was created, having the great advantage of scheduling matches much easier, due to the small differences of time zones.

  If you are a captain of an european national club, your team has more than 50 members and played at least 5 Live matches, we invite you to join this organisational club, specifying the national club you belong to.

  Captains of european national clubs (Admins in their club, with account older than 6 months and having more than 100 live games played) that will sign up their team in Live Chess European League till December 31st, 2019, will acquire the quality of founders and will have voting right in the Commission of Apeal.