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WCC day 1

  • NM HowToTameADragon
  • | Nov 9, 2013

Hey Chess Fans,

I am going to do my best to try to be here every day for the duration of the WCC between Anand and Carlsen to replay the game and tell you guys who has the upper hand due to this game

                                                           PC: Susan Polgar's blog


Well... down to business

So.. Who benefitted the most out of this game
Well, I believe that Anand's opening preperation (Thanks Leko Laughing) paid off while Carlsen over the board technique guarenteed equality
Anand- Decent result; draw with black while starting off in a somewhat dubious position
Carlsen- OK result; He could have expected more with the white pieces but overpushing and losing would be psychologically devastating, expecially in the first game                                          
So.... The only people upset with the first game are the fans. I mean, c'mon guys - 16 moves in 1.5 hours - Really?? jk :p
My Prediction for this match is as before
Anand  +2 -1 =9 
Carlsen +1 -2 =9 
It'll be a close match for SURE - could be won by 1 point either way
Personally, I'm hoping for a 6-6 tie
Thanks Guys
I'll be back tomorrow


  • 13 months ago


    Hi,guys!Thanks to V.Anand 'n' Carlsen's game,I am  learning some moves in their game.

    Come back tom.on live chess.I'd like to play with one of you,Gentlemen(even if am a lady)Wink

  • 14 months ago


    @HummingTheBlues Inspiring Post there! We are all with you.

    But  Anand and Carlsen are both playing at Nash equilibrium. If either of them, deviated from this Nash equilibrium , tried to play an "inspiring" game of chess, they would easily and quickly loose!

  • 14 months ago


    @ HummingTheBlues, while it is true that people expects more, that has nothing to do with their goal. Anand's goal is to retain the title, and he must do whatever is in his reach to achieve it. Drawing every single game would work for him, so the only way he will go for a win is if either he is sure of a win (rare) or if he has suffered a lost and must go for a win to avoid losing the match. You see, to be in such top positions you can not afford the luxury of playing romantic chess, you go for the result, if the opportunity to play a brilliant match appears, you take it, if not, you go for the result (just an opinion, of course I would like to see great games and crazy positions, sacrifices and everything, but I repeat, they have a goal, and it is not to entertain us).

  • 14 months ago

    NM HowToTameADragon

    Thanks Humming the Blues - I believe that every fan will be upset if they saw this type of game for all 12 games - but as it is just the first game I bet that the players were just trying to find out the opposition's preperation

  • 14 months ago


    I am not impressed!They should both have overpressed!They should have made blunders.They should show the marvellous feats of recovery!They are both capable of playing brilliant moves or give me the coaching job and I'll inspire them to play like when they were child prodigies.The world of chess expects fireworks and no excuses from them!They must give ...show more fighting spirit!!Who is their coach?Did the same man scare them to play dull uninspired draws before the yawning dozy gaping world? I smell the hand of Karpov in all of this.Come on.Anand and C.Don't dissapoint us.Even if you lose...do so knowing that you lost like a man.Thank you both.I am watching you.Gentlemen.

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