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WCC day 2

  • NM HowToTameADragon
  • | Nov 10, 2013

Hey Guys

I'm Back as promised

Well... Game 2 of the WCC between


The Champion - Vishy Anand



The Challenger - Magnus Carlsen

was almost as BORING as the first game - draw in a mere 25 moves and even shorter as they ended in an hour and ten minutes - Especially in this game as Anand had a chance to play on with the initiave with 18.Qg4 instead trading Queens

Now, I think that Carlsen managed to psych out Anand !
Why?! - well...
He chose to play the Caro-Kan after 1.e4 and Anand wasn't ready to go into the complications in the caro-kan advance and instead chose the highly drawish 3.Nc3
Psychological Impacts
Anand - Chose 1.e4 expecting 1...e5 and was fairly unprepared to try and beat the caro-kan...Fairly OK result with white
Carlsen - Used Anand's weapon against him and gained a fairly easy draw after a mere 25 moves... Good Result
Fans - BORED; 1st game was a draw in a mere 16 moves - 2nd game seemed to be a certain draw after 18.Qxd5 - Hopefully we get some action in game three when Carlsen returns from the rest day with the white pieces!
The games uptil this point have been good - But I hope (As a fan) that both the players play the games out until they reach a KvK or other drawn positions - The games are good, but the time and move amount are both sub-par


  • 13 months ago

    NM HowToTameADragon

    Hey Guys,


    Just wanted to share this with u guys --- Apparently this is not like a standard WCC because Anand doesn't regain title if he goes 6-6 !!

    Shoutout to LaskerFan for posting this

    If the scores are level after the regular twelve (12) games, after a new drawing of colors, four (4) tie-break games shall be played. The games shall be played using the electronic clock starting with 25 minutes for each player with an increment of 10 seconds after each move.

    If the scores are level after this, then, after a new drawing of colors, a match of 2 games shall be played with a time control of 5 minutes plus 3 seconds increment after each move.

    In case of a level score, another 2-game match will be played to determine a winner.

    If still there is no winner after 5 such matches (total 10 games), one sudden-death game will be played. The player who wins the drawing of lots may choose the color. The player with the white pieces shall receive 5 minutes, the  player with the black pieces shall receive 4 minutes whereupon, after the 60th move, both players shall receive an increment of 3 seconds starting from move 61.

    In case of a draw the player with the black pieces is declared the winner.

  • 13 months ago


    Thank you for the article and the good reply.

  • 13 months ago


    Much respect for both players, but i'm falling in love with Tania!

  • 13 months ago


    I really can not believe that more or less skilled chess fans find the games boring.  The 2 players are at the highest level of chess in history of man kind.  To get to a decisive position for either side, one of them must actually make a bad move.  After 14 moves of this game we had opposite side castles, heavy artillery still on the board and on almost every lower level we would have seen "bad" moves, giving the opponent some edge.  But on this level the play is so close to perfection by both sides that equality is maintained.  Maybe Carlsen would have played different if the opponent were some mere 2600 push-over, by knowingly playing some inferior move just to stir up the board and get the game out of book and known lines, but you don`t do that against Anand.  I believe that we won`t see either player pushing for anything unless they "smell" an inaccurant move by the opponent.  So, instead of complaining about none of the players making bad moves, use you chess skills and devotion to our great game to educate and enthusiastically enlight your surroundings when they show interest in the WCC match.

  • 13 months ago


    Sorry.. my bad.

    I read Rfg3. :)

    Yes, I agree with that, JMB2010. Weakness at e6 and fodder for the white rook.

  • 13 months ago


  • 13 months ago

    NM JMB2010

    He means when the king is on h7 I think. Well, I guess the simplest answer is that it would make the e6 pawn very weak and simple to attack on the e-file.

  • 13 months ago


    @FM krstulov_alex
    After pawn and rook trades at f6, the h6 pawn is hanging due to the pin along the g-file.

  • 13 months ago


    i wish vishy to get 6.5 as soon as possible and leave carlson back home....Tongue Out

  • 13 months ago


  • 13 months ago


    @ HowToTameADragen:

    I quote: 'I'm trying to say that many people set expectations very high for this match and are dissapointed with 2 early draws'

    You are probably right but perhaps the expectations that are set by many are too high to begin with. People can't expect the most awesome and deep tactical combinations to appear out of thin air, just because a world champion is supposed to be able to do that? Getting a win is difficult at these levels when the stakes are so high, thus losing a game because one is careless and tries for more than one ought to in a position, is not a good thing to do.

    Like they said both, they got 'outplayed' in the opening by the black pieces, sensing that their opponents were probably better prepared for these lines and had to pull the 'emergency brake'. These games are not great examples of succesfull attacking chess or slowly outmanouvring the opponent positionally, but if you carefully take into account the setting and the psychology of the games and the match in total, the are definitely NOT boring  

  • 13 months ago

    FM krstulov_alex

    I think not forced draw. On 23.Rgf3 Black can play f5 or f6. Or not?

  • 13 months ago


    "Is playing with white pieces an advantage for players at this level?"

    More so than at lower levels. White advantage is merely a move and better players ar obviously better makeing use of it

  • 13 months ago


    +1 to eaglejorge. A lot of reports today just start with the end result, "oh its drawn by repetition in x, y, z moves etc". we all know that. But there is so much going on behind the actual moves. Why did carlsen choose caro-kann, the first time in may WCC matches that it was ever played? what is the authors take on why it was chosen. Did he expect Anand's seconds to be underprepared. Even before that what about the agressive first move from Anand? (I dont even know why E4 is agressive but the press keeps telling this and I would like to know why--these are the reasons I come to chess.com).

    It really saddens me that men of such stature as Vishy and Carlsen have to apologize for playing the correct moves after years of hard work and dedication. Majority of human life is ordinary---boring and it is upto each one of us to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. Get on with it and stop calling these great men cowards. It is not the critic who counts...

  • 13 months ago


    I agree with NM howtotame. a dragon?Frown

  • 13 months ago

    NM HowToTameADragon

    @eaglejorge - im not claiming to be better than either of them (nobody is);

    I'm trying to say that many people set expectations very high for this match and are dissapointed with 2 early draws

    Drawing isnt the boring part - its how fast that they draw that makes it boring

  • 13 months ago


    You are starting the report withBORING  in CAPS!  ...are you here really trying to support chess?? for the good of the game???   maybe the writer is a better player than these 2 chess masters??

    I invite you to tame the dragon of sadness! To conquer the altitudes of amazingness! And to hug life as it happens with all the thrill of this final match!

    How can the article motivate us if thw writer calls this game AS BORING AS the previous ONE. Chess is in need of leaders who believe in the human condition and that want to promote chess. A lot of effort is being done in this very moment all over the planet to get recognition for our beloved game, as we know the goodness in it.

    My friend, I can see that you want thrill and a fight in chess...therefore I invite you to live your life with emotion and thinking freely and with a good attitude!  Can you realize that we are watching history happen!?  THIS is not boring!! Would you know in advance that C4 in the first game? Do you have better answers for it??

    I invite you to leave sadness behind and to be an optimistic son of reality and to add flavour to these World Championship reports!

    Im pretty sure you will find poetry in the most simple things on the board.

  • 13 months ago


    Ya know, they need to really start opening sharp lines and technical complications. Also have not seen any brilliancies Frown


    Come on world champs!!!

  • 13 months ago



    Yes, but barely. Black nowadays has more control of the nature of the game depending on his first move, but White's first move is the first word and does limit black's options for response. Eg. d4 very rarely leads to open games. e4 can lead to tactics on move 2. c4 is almost always gonna end up a long game.

  • 13 months ago

    NM HowToTameADragon

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