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WCC day 4

  • NM HowToTameADragon
  • | Nov 13, 2013

Hi guys,

Today was the most exciting game of the WCC so far... in my opinion

It lasted a solid 64 moves

Anand was pushing for a win for the whole game.. but he fumbled near time control and had to "settle" for a draw with the white pieces

So.. Psychologically....

Anand - Draw with the white pieces is OK.. but how it happened.. eh - Anand started of better due to his prep but then he fumbled away his small advantage. He proceeded to gain the initiative then drop it and end up in a losing position... but he drew. Overall - OK result

Carlsen - Amazing game for Carlsen. To survive Anand's prep with the black pieces Over the board and at some point be better. Great game - and he may be able to draw blood on Friday with the white pieces

Fans - Now we are truly seeing what the best players are made of - these last to games show us why these guys are where they are

Post predictions below

Have a nice rest day

Cya on Friday



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  • 13 months ago


    i like Tania & the FIDE press gal is very pretty too.

  • 13 months ago


    to quote Anand "Something went horribly wrong in the opening... and suddenly im basicly lost"

    and yet you say Anand was pushing for a win the entire game... 

    Ill trust Anands evaluation

  • 13 months ago


    Your evaluation is way off, Anand thought he was losing and said he played many illogical moves in the opening/early middlegame. While it was relatively close to equal for most of the game, Anand was certainly not pushing for a win lol.

  • 13 months ago


    Why didn't Carlsen go for Bf5 on move 30 instead of going for g6? To me it looks like he gains a pawn there.

  • 13 months ago


    Carlsen have chance to win, if he not agree for draw..

    at these stage i definetly won the game, if i am at place of BLACK..

  • 13 months ago


    Didn't Anand admit to be losing in game 4?  I've read that Carlsen acknowledged that he couldn't find the winning move, and that allowing the pawn sac on a2 was necessary only after a mistake on Anand's part.

  • 13 months ago


    On day 3, my prediction for day 4 was as follows: "I think, Anand will take a real swing at Carlen in the next game. Perhaps this is what Carlsen want, bring it on! This is where Carlsen creativity will eather get the upper hand, or where Anands consistant play will win it for him."

    Unfortunately, Anand was not consistent, right? So, where does this take us?

    Well, Carlsen have an ability that we are unaware of on the board. His aura is taking Anand to blunder, else why would he make a mistake like that? Is he not well prepared, the champ? Here is Carlsen, half his age, contesting his authority, his title!

    In the next game, Carlsen will trash Anand! We will see all guns blazing, chances taken, and success for Carlsen!

    Its just a matter of time for the showman to get real, how much is this title worth? What does the chess public want?

    We want a legent. We want to see real nerve. There is nothing to loose except the first game.

    From Anand we expect grace,elegance, respect. From Carlsen we want to see a rebel, a new age, we want to see impossibilities turning into reality. It will set the pace for the future.

    Game 4 was the turning point. They cannot fall back to the previous games. Those were simply to measure one another. Game 5 is a make or break game. Carlsen playing white. It is the only opportunity to favor the crowd.

    You are as good as your opponent. At this level, we know they are the best. One have to stand back, but at the same time, will be legent in obscurity, standing in the shadow of time, frozen as the greatest oponent in ultra modern chess.

  • 13 months ago


    a5, well I am not nearly good enough to comment, but somehow I feel a6 may have been better. And perhaps it should have been played earlier. Not really moy original idea I watches shortly FIDE commentary., but c7 weakness makes a6 logical

  • 13 months ago


    @madhukarnath :

    36 Kh2 is a blunder, allowing for mate on h file, see the variation given above. And Nd7 doesnt lead to mate.

  • 13 months ago


    What about 36.Kh2 and 37.Nd7#

  • 13 months ago


    i dont think B@e8 was useless. it was doing a decent job of covering the knight at c6. Also was aiming to come to b5 if permitted, and was blocking the well advanced e pawn of white.

    And even though it had made 6 moves and come back to its original square, it had played its part till then. winning a pawn isnt a bad one when you are applying too much pressure on the opponent.

    Agreed that it was a thrilling game, and good that Anand was able to come out of slight miss in the opening...

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