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What is Chess Mentor and why this new forum?

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    If I had looked a little longer among the diskussions, I had seen that no Chess Mentor for Android is planned. Pity, I think. I really like the Chess Mentor though many of the exercises is pretty easy.

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    chess mentor is coming to both android and iphone and ipad later this year!

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    I noticed in (the best chance The drawing zone part 1 at the end of the lesson the move KF4 was not the best move for black he could of mated with Ra1# this was in a chess menter coarse I was checking out

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    I originally paid the money to join because of the videos and Chess Mentor. I was then very disappointed in Chess Mentor, because it would send me to a completely different topic after I finished a lesson, which seemed pretty dumb. Took me a while before discovering that there was a way to stick with a specific course, rather than let the system decide it all for you. Now I really love it. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing it on my Android, too. :-)

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    Chess mentor is the only reason why I upgraded my account to Diamond.

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    are those gm`s true

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