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What is Chess Mentor and why this new forum?

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    There is a glitch where if the first move was an automatic free one it doesn't show it as completed. to get by this you have to make sure you make the move instead of hitting the next button. so say its a course about the sicilian, and the author gives you the first move for free, instead of hitting next to play 1.e4 make sure you play 1.e4 yourself.

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    I've read in the forum that the Chess Mentor is part of the IPad app. When will it be available for the Android version?

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    If I had looked a little longer among the diskussions, I had seen that no Chess Mentor for Android is planned. Pity, I think. I really like the Chess Mentor though many of the exercises is pretty easy.

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    chess mentor is coming to both android and iphone and ipad later this year!

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    I noticed in (the best chance The drawing zone part 1 at the end of the lesson the move KF4 was not the best move for black he could of mated with Ra1# this was in a chess menter coarse I was checking out

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    I originally paid the money to join because of the videos and Chess Mentor. I was then very disappointed in Chess Mentor, because it would send me to a completely different topic after I finished a lesson, which seemed pretty dumb. Took me a while before discovering that there was a way to stick with a specific course, rather than let the system decide it all for you. Now I really love it. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing it on my Android, too. :-)

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