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Guy used same stupid opening 3 times, and got me every time.

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    It's a troll post isn't it?

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    Optimissed wrote:

    Basically don't play 3 ...Nf6 unless you know the variations. The two knights defence is very complex. Don't play it.


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    If you insist on always playing the sharpest, most aggressive reply to your opponent's threats, sometimes you'll get burned.

    In general you'd benefit from castling.

    In one specific position (should you choose to play it):

    it pays to know a couple things.

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    dude h6

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    I expect h6 would lose to d4.

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    Naturally together with several other moves cunningly interwoven into an unstoppable attack.

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    Optimissed wrote:

    I expect h6 would lose to d4.

    1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 h6? 4. d4 is good for White, especially if Black doesn't know what he's doing and he wastes another tempo or two.  I have won hundreds of games in this variation.

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    The reason why tactics are more important than openings is because tactics apply all the time, everywhere. For example, in these slightly different openings that can be thought of as a "family of openings" but are slightly different, Nxe5 would have prevailed in many of the lines. It's impossible to memorize all this opening theory. Nobody can do it. Strong players would not hesitate to play Nxe5, however -- not because they know the line, per se, but because they have enough tactical radar to "see" that the pawn is free, that moving a knight twice in the opening is "worth" the pawn, and that Black has no tactical tricks up his sleeve to take advantage of the lose of tempo moving the knight twice. Tactics apply all the time. Even if you memorize this silly line, you'll be lucky to play it again once every hundred games when your opposition gets better. Work on your general chess skills like tactics, rather than specific lines. That's what I would take away from this lesson. In fact, the time you spent posting this question and replying to answers would have been better spent on the chess.com tactics server. Give it a try.

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    But the best and most focussed way to learn tactical play is through openings. That way you get a view of which openings give rise to which types of tactics. Also it means you're killing two birds with one study session.

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    The OP missed that the e-pawn was hanging. It wasn't an opening problem.

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    <<I'm confused. You won the third game. And I don't have a clue why games 2 and 3 ended. Both were still playable on both sides.>>

    That's why it's a troll thread. It's pretty clear, not confusing at all ... 

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    This kind of thing is 100% in the spirit of the Open Game. If you don't like it, I suggest not playing 1.e4 as White or 1.e5 as Black. In the first game, just Castle. Knight + Bishop is slightly stronger than Rook + Pawn in that position.

    It's basically the Lolli Attack (when played as White) research that opening. It often involes a Knight sac which aims to expose the enemy King.

    In games 1 and 3 however, 5. O-O is best and if he captures on f2 you have considerable advantage because he wasted tempos in order to simply trade his only developed pieces in a poor exchange. You have powerful lead in development if the exchange does occur.

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    e4 e5, nf3 nc6, bc4 nf6, italian game two nights defense. you ought to smile when someone plays ng5, it moving a piece twice in the opening. there's brilliant trap play as black. ng5 d5, exd4 nd4. i actually do not know exact play beyond that, but i believe the plan is bc5, queen protects or stops the pawn, and f2 crumbles like a cookie against whites aggression.

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    Kasporov_Jr hat geschrieben:

    just accept the fact that chess isnt for you

    Your are a big asshole - given the fact of your comments here and your meaning about the middle east people as barbaric in another topic. You should be banned from this site with your fascist attitude.

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    Optimissed wrote:

    That's why it's a troll thread. It's pretty 

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