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Help! Need a new opening!

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    I have been playing chess for about a year now and have come to wall. I was wondering if anyone could suggest two good openings to study (one white one black).

    I already have some understanding of:

    Dragon Sicilian

    Ruy Lopez

    Queens Gambit

    Slav Defense

    Other than these, what do you think I should study next? Perhaps the French? Or KIA?

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    There's nothing wrong with the openings you already play. Why switch?

  • 24 months ago · Quote · #3


    So I can aquire a wider scope of the game. Any got any?

  • 24 months ago · Quote · #4


    The french, its the best

  • 24 months ago · Quote · #5


    English for White, Caro-Kann for Black.

  • 24 months ago · Quote · #6


    If you just want some experience with new types of positions, then the French or Caro-Kann will give you something quite different from your usual Sicilian Dragon, the King's Indian Defense or Old Indian Defense will offer a change from your usual Slav Defense, and the King's Indian Attack or English Opening will give you positions different from your usual Ruy Lopez or Queen's Gambit.

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    Playing the King's Gambit (White) and Modern Benoni (Black) will certainly sharpen your tactical acuity.

  • 24 months ago · Quote · #8


    Thanks guys, very helpful!

  • 24 months ago · Quote · #9


    Perfect the (good) openings you're already playing before switching to anything else? 

  • 24 months ago · Quote · #10


    Pascalz wrote:

    Owen's Defense! Read my Blog about it.

    Owen's Defense blows.

    Whatever you do, play straight-forward openings until you are at least 2000.  I played the French and 1...e5 for a long time.  I've played almost everything under the sun as White, but while I was under 2000, it was pretty much 1.d4, 1.e4, and 1.Nf3.  Nothing fancy.

    I now play the Modern Defense mostly, but didn't start playing it until I hit 2000 (Over the Board that is, chess.com ratings are complete bullsh*t - I use internet sites to practice openings I'm studying, which usually isn't a new opening, but rather a new line in the opening I already know).

    As for White, I still to this day consider 1.d4 my main weapon!

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    If you play the Veresov (or BDG) you will definately learn how to attack and play in sharp posiitons. It will help your tactics out a lot. It's 1.d4 d5 2. Nc3 Nf6, or 1.d4 Nf6 2.Nc3 d5.

    Perhaps try the Benko gambit or Benoni as black (vs d4) to give you a "wider scope of the game."

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    I'd say the French and the English are good choices that will give you very different board positions from what you are used to seeing with your current reportoire. The king's gambit is just plain fun.

  • 24 months ago · Quote · #13


    Frittles wrote:

    The king's gambit is just plain fun.

    Amen, go for it!

  • 24 months ago · Quote · #14


    Suggest English as White and French as Black as others have suggested.

    I do not suggest BDG as you want to play sound openings also do not suggest Owens.  If you want to play a gambit suggest kings.

  • 24 months ago · Quote · #15


    The scotch is quite a nice opening to play

  • 24 months ago · Quote · #16


    That already sounds like a fair amount. If anything, I'd say a d4 opening that is not d4-d5. It will give you some new positions to play. 

    The French also works well with a Sicilian repertoire. 

    If you already play 1.e4 and 1.d4 with white you don't need anything else. The English is fine but very positional. 

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