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Is anything better for me than the Parham?

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    some gambits are bad i will admit. Not the sound ones. I myself dont like the KG myself, but its perfectly sound. I am going to make a video soon on gambits.

    But that aside, its a sound attack if you are playing someone with no defensive skills, an amatuer. Like I said before, this is great for beating amatuers and blitz (the other guy, whatupyodog, got his rating so high in blitz) but if defended accurately by one who knows what he is doing (who you are not likely to face if you stay at this level) then the attack is not sound. You don't take out a couple of pieces and throw them at the king hoping for a make. You methodically develop your pieces, make threats, attack when its time to attack, use the tactics you are given to you, ect. And being down development is underestimated by you. You hand black the advantage that white starts with. As I've said, its more important in the higher levels, so if you instend to casually play chess and drift along at the same level your whole life, then by all means play the parham

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    a sample line

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    What the hell Christiansoldier. After d6, white plays h3, and you don't kingside castle in the Parham. You queenside so you can move both rooks over and rape white because he has to mess up his kingside to stop the bishop from pinning his knight.

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    A. Enough with the language

    B. You are only better in blitz. I challenge you to an unrated online game. You play your parham and I'll defend.

    C. I do not fall for the parham. I admit when I was a little kid I played it and fell for it, but not anymore. And thats because you play weaker players. The average rating of who you play is 200 points below your actual rating.

    D. If you dont delete your previous post, I will report you, as this is a family site

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    This shows that I dont have to castle kingside myself, but I still dont think your attack has much substance. However its too far to analyze.

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    Ok I'm done talking to you. You have no clue what you are talking about, it's just not worth wasting my time on this.

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    lol ok then I'm done trying to get you to improve Gavinator. I've been trying to help you this whole time, not throw rocks and insult you like all these other guys. But if you dont want it thats ok. Its good for your level as I said. Just please stop posting about it in the forums in that case though please

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    My level is above you bro. You aren't even above 1300, and you've played hundreds of games on this site. I've played like 10, and I don't even try (because I watch seinfeld the whole time), and I'm still higher than you. I know you like to think book knowledge makes you good, it really doesn't, just worry about your own improvement mister IM.

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    I do not want to debate our strength 

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    ChristianSoldier007 wrote:

     Its good for your level as I said

    That implies you think you're better than me. I am higher rated, and have only played a few games :P

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    A simple little line Houdini gave me. Did white make any horrid blunders this time?

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    ummm Qd1... why not just do something sensible like bb3?

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    whatupyodog wrote:
    jetfighter13 wrote:

    I finaly realized the parham gives great attacking chances with no risk.

    Thank you jetfighter.

    I never said that. Quit misquoting an shoving words in my mouth, eric ... oh wait, that might get me banned. Crap I hate politics

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    5...Nf6 and the Queen is awkwardly placed

  • 3 years ago · #256


    my general rule is if "Your not threatening mate and there is a night on c6, play Ne2". So this is irrelevant, just stop posting boards.

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    Go fuck yourself whatupyodog

    watch your language

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    never said that either, I have never use that word on this site.

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    Please, everyone, let's leave the swearing off Chess.com.  It's fine to have a debate, but there is no need for horrible language.  If it continues, I'll have no choice but to lock or delete the thread.  :)

    Thanks for your understanding, guys. 

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    please do the later of the two

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