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Is anything better for me than the Parham?

  • 23 months ago · #141


    dog demonstrates his mastery of the obvious.

  • 23 months ago · #142


    ty bro but get back on topic.

  • 23 months ago · #143



    he looks sane enough

  • 23 months ago · #144


    jetfighter13 wrote:

    the title of worlds fastest man given to the person who runs a 4.01 fourty yard dash

    Only America uses yards dumbass, the rest of the world is in meters.

  • 23 months ago · #145


    Ok michael-g, please answer the topic directly. I don't want to read another 5-paragraph essay, list a few openings that are aggressive non-gambits.

    And Cerebral-Assassin, I don't think it's possible for that guy to not be a genious.

  • 23 months ago · #146


    No opening is only aggressive or only positional.Some tend to be more complicated , some tend to be more simple, other than that there are no other categories.

    For example:

    Kings Indian defense can be aggressive but can be positional too.The same is true for Sicilian , French defense , Dutch defense , Ruy Lopez and almost all sound openings.

        The problem is that your very low understanding doesn't let you understand even that simple truth.

    Forget what I said .Parham is the only "aggressive" opening indeed .Stick with it , you don't seem to be able to understand anything else anyway. 

  • 23 months ago · #147


    Ok, how about this. The Danish Gambit, 1. e4 e5 2. d4 exd4 3. c3 dxc3 4. Bc4 cxb2 5. Bxb2, is obviously more aggressive than, let's say the london system. I'd say it's safe to say there are some openings more aggressive than others.

  • 23 months ago · #149


    If giving 2 pawns with doubtful  compensation is called "aggresive", then yes Danish Gambit is aggresive.Truth is though that the only one attacking is Black.

  • 23 months ago · #150


    Capablanca's early ...d5 against would-be Danish players has to lead to the dullest games of 1.e4 chess imaginable.  A good scrap in the London leads to comparitive fireworks.

  • 23 months ago · #151


    Elementary lesson No1 is the moves , in case you wonder.

  • 23 months ago · #153


    look at that a GM has joined!

    How are you doing today sensei Janosik?

  • 23 months ago · #155


    Alive and well :)

  • 23 months ago · #156


    ciljettu, that's not what I asked, I'd like a simple answer. Thank you janosik, you are one of the few people on here who actually answered the post. I just find the ruy lopez to be slightly dull and theory-heavy. I'd like to play something more fun and aggressive, however not a gambit so I won't be left in the dust if my attack fails. Do you have any recommendations?

    Michael-G, how is black attacking after move 5? I think you might be the one who doesn't understand anything...

  • 23 months ago · #157


    Because Nakamura played it and since OP and Nakamura have the same understanding , OP can play what Nakamura plays.Doesn't that sound reasonable?I hope no one is laughing. 

  • 23 months ago · #158


    I don't enjoy endgames very much, they are a weaker spot of my game. What do you recommend in the vienna?

  • 23 months ago · #159


    @Gavinator looks like things are calming down thats good. I dont like throwing rocks and everyone being rude.

    It seems like you want to attack without risk, but I don't think thats possible 

  • 23 months ago · #160


    Ciljettu , the only "punch " he needs is  on his face but I really doubt if even that will make him understand his nonsense.

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