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is castling over-rated

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    TetsuoShima wrote:

    i think in general when playing weaker players its better not to castle, at least not to early because they play opening systems that teach them an attack on castled king but when you dont castle they lack good plan.Unless its a really sharp and open position.

    If I'm playing weaker players, I'll just say "Challenge Accepted", play my normal game, and rely on being good enough to defend against their attack. Better that than change *my* gameplan just to force them to change theirs.

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    I often consider not castling because it seems that it puts my king almost in a corner and lets my opponent know which side of the board to attack. I understand that it brings the rook to the middle so it can connect with my other rook, but sometimes that seems like less of a benefit than my kings safety.

    I watch a lot of master games on some sites and notice how often they break the "rules" by not castling early or advancing the kings defensive pawns. It makes me think that every game is so different, the rules should be used less often and imagination and flexability more.

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