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London System

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    Foenixx hat geschrieben:

    There is no best opening. Try them out and you will see which opening you will like best.

    The only thing is, dont play those bad openings like Latvian Gambit.

    Sorry, that i dont agree...but for experienced club players, who like to play in uncommon and unbalanced positions the Latvian is a perfect choice.

    There are quite a few critical lines for Black, but its not easy to find them and black has many options to meet an unprepared white player by surprise.

    Do you personally know all the so called refutations?

    The discussion about the Latvian goes for 100 years now and i think its not coming to an end.

    But in one point you are right, its definitely not an opening for beginners.

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    Rumo75 hat geschrieben:

     And don't focus too much on openings anyway. Concentrate on tactics and middlegame.

    100% agreed as i already stated above...

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    I have think a lot if the London System is the right opening for me and the answer is: "No"!

    Why? Because I have better results with the Spanish enxchange variation. I have started every game in my season with d4 (Queens Gambit). I do not know if d4 or e4 is right or better for me. So I play Queens Gambit and Ruy Lopez (exchange variation). I must say that I feel better in positions, where the board is not full with pieces and pawns. So closed games like Indian Defense and QG are not the best opening for me. But I have good results with QG, too.

    Blackmar Diemer Gambit for example is an opening which I like because I love it when someone sacrifices material for initiative and assault. 

    I am studying the book "The amateur´s mind" by Jeremy Silman. Ther I have learn a lot about positional play therby I know how to play in closed games. 

    Yes I know I should not focus on openings but I have to make a repertoire. So the exchange Variation in the Ruy Lopez is my fave opening (1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 a6 4. Bxc6 dxc6). Should I play the QG, the Ruy Lopez or the Blackmar Diemer Gambit? I am overwhelmed! Can anybody help me?

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    When I learned chess just six years ago I always played 1.e4, the Italian game, and the scotch game and maybe gambit's. I just played very tactical and sharp chess like I do (most times) today. It's tactics that make you a good chess player. Not a load of that in the London system. I'm not saying the London system is bad, you get your pieces out but you are not going to go for a attack in move 5 you see? But that's just how I play chess. And I am getting better and better and better. Tactical play rules!

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    I know less about the London System than I know about nuclear physics. Nevertheless, I took a look at it, and found this interesting, and rather recent game by Fabiano. I tried it in a bunch of blitz games when the opportunity arose, and mostly got killed. But not always......

    In this funny blitz game, it's a case of who can save their knight out-on-limb and who can't.......

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