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Most Feared Defences

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #221


    cant remember if i posted here, but the modern is annoying. I avoid the KID, but the modern can bypass most of my tricks.

  • 24 months ago · Quote · #222


    Another fearsome defence in my repertoire the Queen's Indian Defence

  • 24 months ago · Quote · #223


    Shoulda kept tallies... which openings won... which were considered the most feared?  

  • 24 months ago · Quote · #224


    I do not think there is anything an opponent can do to scare me.

    A great strength of the 1.Nf3 Reti is that I can choose the lines, and avoid anything I do not like.

  • 11 months ago · Quote · #225


    Anything new?

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