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Openings for black?

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    ChessSlimShady wrote:
    AggressiveChess618 wrote:
    FastCH3SS wrote:

    Chess at your level, TACTICS! TACTICS! TACTICS!

    Just play e4 as white and e5 as black.




    Play e5 as black? against what?

    I know right?

    Well just by looking at your games, you've only finished seven of them...........


    The reason why we all say that you should do tactics is because you don't have a good estimate on what your rating is and that practicing tactics is the best way of doing so, even >2000 do tactics to improve game.

    (sorry if bad english)

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    your english is fine, i know what my rating is: 1287. My history rating is 1340

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    I never said i shouldn't do tactics, i have great tactics, in fact at my club i was known for my strong tactics. I just never asked about tactics

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    Dragon;Hyper or Accelerated

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