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Ponziani: Impractical in non-computer Correspondence Chess?

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    kantifields كتب:

    Here is a game I played as black- non-computer correspondence.

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    Nice game but you realize White did not make the correct moves?

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    Thanks for bringing the topicback


    Of course I realize that mistakes were made.  Presumably I made some as well.  Nice thing about chess the way I prefer it.

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    kantifields wrote:

    A recent Fraser win:


    Dave Taylor beat a FIDE master who tried white's moves in a centaur game.  I deviated from Dave's precise line.

    This game was played on faith that white was losing!  Therefore attack and crowd the king.  Midway I missed a forced draw for white.  When I asked my opponent about it, he said he was trying to win at that point.

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    I am pretty sure Dave's analysis involving the Fraser involves Na3.

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    A long time ago I played in a chess team, but missed a match against a team whose board 1 had just published a deeply theoretic book on a complex opening system for black. Our team board 1 played white straight down the main line upon which the book depended and which the author assessed as being slightly better for black. At the end of the line, white made 1 original move and smiled as black realized he was dead lost, and his book was busted. The author lost it and leapt across the board, pieces flying, and the players had to be physically separated.

    BTW I like centaur chess, even when limited to a weak engine. I rarely follow the engines on every move for many reasons, but especially when they do not understand ideas that extend beyond their anaysis tree. I like Hiarcs, because when I show it a relevant variation beyond its depth, it can remember it and factor it into its analysis. It is prone to missing long term positional intermezzos.

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    lenslens1   That is interesting. What was the book?


    I notice some older books on the Ponziani have many pages on a line which is completely busted. Here is the line:

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    The Ponziani Power group recently won a game that I think improves on a suggestion from Play the Ponziani

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