Refuting the Dragon

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    I don't sell anything but there are plenty here who does. You just need to find the right one! Good luck.

    This thread is being followed from many members that knows what am I talking about your 12...Re8. Don't you feel weird from their silent?!

    Anyway I don't want to prove anything here. The opening theory on the Dragon Sicilian changes with fast pace. A line today considered a difficult nut to cruck tomorrow is easy playable.

    The fact remains that today 12.Kb1 it's the most challenging for the 10...Rc8 players and Chinese lovers.

    If the OP is still looking how to create troubles on the Dragon this is something that worth to spent time studying.

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    Bishop_g5 wrote:

    If the OP is still looking how to create troubles on the Dragon this is something that worth to spent time studying.

    Your comments, evidently, are not.

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    I agree!

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    Gunvald123 wrote:

    Bruce was a movie star. Even he himself admitted that in the world of martial arts, he is a child. Pls just stop posting nonsense about things you clearly have no idea about.

    also, in case you missed it: i never ever mentioned Bruce in my post to begin with. Maybe some reading comprehension would help.

    LOL @ you telling me to stop posting nonsense after you said Bruce Lee was only a movie star! LOL

    How am I suppose to take you serious after such a stupid statement.

    As for Bruce Lee saying he was a mere child in the world of martial arts. I find it funny. Do you think he should of said he was bad@ss?

    Obviously you don't know what humble means. An you say you have been in martial arts for over 15 years HA HA. What a good joke!

    Do you go around calling yourself a bad@ss martial artist? Saying you are tough as nails?

    Or when people ask you do you respond with you are a mere child in the world of martial arts just like bruce lee did. Which is what all great Martial artist do because they are very humble and have humility.

    As for your last statement. My reading comprehension is find but apparently yours is not!

    Read your quote from post #115

    "Don't want to get into detail too much here, but the lack of blocks from strikes, the lack of ground game and the general positioning of the arms makes Wing Chun ineffective."

    What you said is "Wing Chun" lacks ground game.

    Which I responded to your stupid statement with Bruce Lee never had a problem with his ground game and he used "Wing Chun".

    Yip man or IP man used "Wing Chun" as well and his ground game was not lacking either.

    If you do not see how me tieing in Bruce Lee or Ip man into the discussion when they used Wing Chun than you are a moron.

    Furthermore, If you even had a clue about Bruce Lee you would understand that he himself was very flexible in his martial arts and tryed adopting new unqiues. Simply because he believed traditional styles of fighting were not always practical in choatic street fights.

    Which you would know if you knew anything about Bruce Lee. However, according to you he is a movie star!

    An unlike you I can make my response relate to the thread very well.

    "Bruce Lee a movie star" according to Gunvald123 played in a movie which was called Enter the dragon.

    The way to enter the dragon in chess is with the following set of moves.

    Which if you was going to try and refute the Dragon one of the most critical continuation's comes after 12.Kb1

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    This thread is now declared dead. Leave.

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    Ok thanks for informing us. I wish you all the best of luck in life.

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    You misunderstand, Gila. Jay has entered the thread.

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