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The Stonewall Attack in action at club level.

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    After 1.f4 d6 2.e4 Black can play 2...d5 and 2...Nf6 3.Nc3 d5, 2...c5 , 2...g6 aiming for Pirc/modern and all kinds of stuff. You may not get the type of game you want after moves like that. 

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    Nice game, you managed to maintain the basic Stonewall formation & principles against a very different defence. I'm wondering how it would have gone if on move 8 he played BxB. If he knew the Stonewall like we do he would have understood how important the light squared Bishop is. I would have swapped it off leaving the dark squared one which is always a problem unless you reach and end game or very open position.

    I think the computer is correct, it seems to be a forced mate although most people (me anyway) would have been happy to mop up material &/or force the pawn home on a6

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    The stonewall can be effective against 1...d5 slav or qgd players. But if Black hasn't played an early ...d5 early on it's pretty much useless  and also against the king bishop fianchetto positions of black it's tough to do much.

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    I hate playing the Stonewall against computers. It had a bit of a reputation as a difficult opening for computers a few years back but now I find its very difficult to play a computer compared to OTB. The dammed thing does all the wrong moves & then uses its prodigious calculating power to make me look like an idiot for even attempting it.

    Can you post an example or 2, it may be worth putting a few heads together & learning a bit more about it?

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    Nice game, its interesting how you transpose to a Stonewall, the e4 push solves the  DSB problem nicely which gives compensation for not getting the Knight outpost on e5. Also it gets the rooks connected which can be a problem in the line I play.

    I played a couple of computer games last night, very frustrating, if I play an easy level of difficulty it attacks with its King in the centre & I play other lines & wipe it out & if I raise the difficulty level it seems to thwart the attack at every move with pure calculating power.

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