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What should black do?

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    ...against 3. Qf3 in the falkbeer countergambit?

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    Hmm, I don't know if I'd take a pawn as black.  f3 doesn't feel like a good square to use for the queen so I'd like her to stay there.  Also makes d4 feel weak.  I'm thinking Nc6... although I guess white plays Bb5 which helps him solve potentially annoying kinside development due to the queen on f3.

    After 3...exf4 4.Qxf4 I wouldn't play 4...Qe7.  Again this just hinders kingside development.  4...dxe with Be7 and Nf6 and white is loosing a bit of time and his kingside is loose.  Plus with both center pawns gone black's development will be faster / easier in any case.  So actually taking the pawns seems to work out nicely for black.

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    f3 doesn't feel like a good square to use for the queen.

    Which is one of the main purposes of this thread!! Wink

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    3...Nc6 looks like a good start. That queen on f3 makes Nd4 an atractive threat (e.g. 4.fxe5 Nd4 or 4.Nc3 dex4 5.Nxe4 Nd4)

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