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why d4 is better than e4

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    yeah too many people have annoying prep against 1.e4 which also implies that 1. c4 is good for that

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    I played 1 c4 for years and I consider that white's strongest opening ... but it was no good for tournaments, of which I use to play a lot. When games lasted four and a half hours each, you were worn out after three rounds.

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    For all of the folks who scream "1. e4!! is the best and everyone knows it," that is basically the point, don't play it, because everyone knows it.  I agree with 1. c4 as being strongest due to its transpositional power.  Against 1. e4 and 1.d4 though I go right out of the book, & play ...1. g5!! at 64% win clip; basically, nobody's seen it so they must start from scartch and despite it's atrocious look and feel, it works and is great fun and against the d4s because you're suddenly tactical, and against the e4s who think they are tactical, they ain't seen nothing 'till they've play the reversed Kolibri. 

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    Against 1 d4, 1 ... g5 just loses a pawn for no compen ....

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    I've played 1.e4 e5 2.Bb5 a few times. It's not so great against 1...c5 though... It's probably a little risky after 1...c6.

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