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Chess 960 Live chess?

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    ArtNJ написал:

     Perhaps its the lowest of low priorities, but it really seems like a dead issue.  

    Это непонятно . Если онлайн 960 шахматы появились давно одновременно с классическими , то почему нет продолжения в виде живых шахмат 960 ??

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    I want to express that I too am waiting for 960 in Live. I'm very curious to see how my rating will be considering I've never studied openings in standard chess. Who has the time!?!?

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    Is Lichess.org the best place to play 960 live?  I'm having trouble getting FICS working at the moment, but my recollection is that 960 wasnt that active on FICS.  I can get a game in a minute or two on Lichess, so its working ok for me at the moment.  

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    Lichess is great, so is Chesscube. There are others as well. Chesscube has the longest Chess960 history. Not sure if the ICC (internet chess club) supports live 960. It baffles me that Chess.com still hasn't implemented it. Just amazing. Been trying for four years now!

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