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Chess 960 Live chess?

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    ArtNJ написал:

     Perhaps its the lowest of low priorities, but it really seems like a dead issue.  

    Это непонятно . Если онлайн 960 шахматы появились давно одновременно с классическими , то почему нет продолжения в виде живых шахмат 960 ??

  • 5 months ago · Quote · #122


    I want to express that I too am waiting for 960 in Live. I'm very curious to see how my rating will be considering I've never studied openings in standard chess. Who has the time!?!?

  • 5 months ago · Quote · #123


    Is Lichess.org the best place to play 960 live?  I'm having trouble getting FICS working at the moment, but my recollection is that 960 wasnt that active on FICS.  I can get a game in a minute or two on Lichess, so its working ok for me at the moment.  

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    Lichess is great, so is Chesscube. There are others as well. Chesscube has the longest Chess960 history. Not sure if the ICC (internet chess club) supports live 960. It baffles me that Chess.com still hasn't implemented it. Just amazing. Been trying for four years now!

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    Please implement this soon. It’s been 5 years! Recently I got into Chess960 and I have been playing it semi-live using the turn-based system and it was somewhat inconvenient. Mostly it is me using my iPhone as a move-notification system.

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    lichess.org has it now and it works just fine.  Lichess is the best chess site in some ways.  Player base is 1/5th of here though.  

  • 3 months ago · Quote · #128


    I would like to play chess 960 here.

  • 3 months ago · Quote · #129


    I would like a billion dollars and a harem.  People need to be realistic.  Chess.com has proven its not interested in this.  

  • 3 months ago · Quote · #130


    ArtNJ написал:

      Chess.com has proven its not interested in this.  

    а почему ?

  • 3 months ago · Quote · #131


    sergey960 wrote:
    ArtNJ написал:

      Chess.com has proven its not interested in this.  

    а почему ?

    Because they stated they were considering it, or that it was on the to do list, many years ago, but never did anything at all.  Yes, its possible its still on a "maybe, someday" list BUT there is no evidence its even a low priority at this point.  

  • 5 weeks ago · Quote · #132


    Lichess has been acquired many variants lately, including atomic, suicide, horde, 960, three-check, and king of the hill.  Aside from this, the site is looking great.  Correspondence, tactics training, opening training, and other neat features have been added.  The best part is the site is funded by donations, with no membership options even available.  Everything is free for everyone to use.  The popularity of Lichess has been skyrocketing lately.  I think not too long ago the dev announced that Lichess is officially the #2 most visited chess site, with only chess.com ahead. 


    In my opinion, give it a few years and chess.com could quite possibly be made obsolete.

  • 5 weeks ago · Quote · #133


    Lichess.com is great.  However, there are advantages to being 5x larger when it comes to variants.  The wait for a 960 game is sometimes more than I can tolerate at Lichess, depending on time of day.  Still, as far as my research determined, it is THE place to play 960 live for now.    

  • 32 hours ago · Quote · #134


    Lichess is indeed great.  I upgraded on chess.com for the videos but they are adding them at a very slow place.

    Chesstempo is still my favorite tactics server but lichess is a close 2nd.

  • 31 hours ago · Quote · #135


    Live 960!!! Been promised for years, I was sure it would be on this last update.

  • 29 hours ago · Quote · #136


    What about using Jocly ? It has Chess 960, both versus computer and live, full 3D interface with integrated video chat with opponent.

  • 17 hours ago · Quote · #137


    search YouTube for Chess 960 and look for videos posted by ChessNetwork.

    Lots of videos of regular live Fischer Random blitz tournaments, I am sure you could figure out how to join up if you really want to.

    I am not connected with these people in any way, and have never played on that site, I just used to watch some of the videos.

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