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Chess960 Explained!

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    hope that chess.com do it

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    How do you castle? Move the king first?

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    Click on the king, and then click on the castling rook.

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    are there "en passant" move in chess 960?

  • 24 months ago · Quote · #166


    Yes, all the rules are the same except for the starting setup.

  • 23 months ago · Quote · #167


    Anyone here knows about a website that can arrange for online live 960chess?

  • 23 months ago · Quote · #168


    scorpion2a wrote:

    Anyone here knows about a website that can arrange for online live 960chess?

    ChessCube. Much worse than chess.com in all other respects though

  • 23 months ago · Quote · #169


    There is funnode.com too, very basic and small user base and the castling does not (yet) work, but has a bunch of other games too, such as Go...

    (Here's hoping the site will not use censorship to block people from gaining access to a game that chess.com should have implemented many years ago, that would be uncouth indeed.)

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    new convert here love how the 960 variant has got my synapses zinging thankyou Sir Robert Fischer for introducing this variant to the game i love

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    amiraz wrote:

    I started a game of chess960 and got up to move 9 but after tring to play the move 9...kb8 a failure page appears.

    This is the game: http://www.chess.com/echess/game.html?id=22994234

    Can you try and fix the bug.

    (I am using Windows XP and Firefox3.5)

    There is no bug!

    Your oponent resigned!

  • 10 months ago · Quote · #174


    First of all what I noticed by viewing the graphic at Chess.com after prompting to reposition my system to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chess960#Castling_rules, my immediate impression was that this individual (Andre_Mate) was castling at all. However he alluded to performing a King side castling maneuver; I think what he was trying to do was utilize a Queenside castle (0-0-0) yet he is on the wrong side of the board for that move; more importantly however, is the notion that he in fact was performing a King side castle although it is suggested that the actual per piece move is done Queen side yet on the Kings part of the board.


     If one were to view my notes (on the same board id#=95801414 ) my very first comment to this opponent is immediately after he made the move as I believe my position was stronger than his.


     Furthermore and far more descriptive comes from the same notes (mine) when I inform him that I was having a problem with his move at number four (#4). This is because EVERY chess engine the move has been tested on states “illegal move.” At his first response he mentions the castling move...saying that that particular move will not work on a computer generated chess game. I tried to explain why I believed his move was illegal and that is that he performed a traditional Queenside castle only what generated my angst was that it was on the King side.


     He further explains how he tests his castling using the Analysis board on our sites -- which does indeed implicate cheating insofar as he is having his live PGN located onto a different board to check something out. No problem however.


     Yet at the same time he openly admits after reading my explanation and then returning to the Wiki site he originally passed on for all of us to see. I mean he states, "I didn't notice AND you are right." But I didn't cheat and I informed him that I would never even suggest that he would cheat. Albeit now after re-reading the communications between us, after I say to him, "Well c'mon now!" and he followed it with a smiley face I knew he was not going to put in for a Draw or Resign.


     Therefore I ask myself this question. In my eight years of tournaments, playing just about every day, and I openly admit that for the last nine months I have hit the wall with what used to be a very well respected rating, but everyone has been encouraging me, and bringing forth the good nature and wonderful things I have written and said about you folks at Chess.com, would I want this person to be an ambassador for my website?

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    I also like chess 960...but is it only for correspondence? How do you start a 960 game like a regular 5 minute blitz game?

  • 9 months ago · Quote · #176


    Is chess 960 NOT available for live chess? Does anyone know?

  • 9 months ago · Quote · #177


    Not yet. It is promised to be soon

  • 9 months ago · Quote · #178


    I think that regular chess is simply boring. Good for those people who have the time to memorize openings, it shows you have a good memory but says nothing about your tactical prowess and ability to plan.

    Chess960 FTW

  • 2 months ago · Quote · #179


    playing chess 960 on an android phone. The AI freezes every time I try to castle...?

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