Chess960 Explained!

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    kobiwright09 wrote:

    There are many, many more ways to mate the black king. I don't see why you're stuck with one move.

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    How can I play chess960 on Android app of Plz help I have been searching but no progress yet.

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    i read that han solo dies in episode 7 of the new star wars movie


    who is chewbacca going to play chess with on the millenium falcon?


    the whole star wars plot is here if you don't believe me

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    I am not finding chess960 option in my home page or anywhere else?

    Where do i get chess960 option?

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    Is chess960 only for premium players?

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    Just get deep into the Online Chess menus until you find this:

    Select Game Options

    Standard ChessChess960    Days Per Turn: 123571014    I Play As RandomI Play As WhiteI Play As Black   Rated: YesNoTakeback
     Show more options

    The little upside down triangle shows a drop down menu. 

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    HOw to castle in chess960?

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    Thank u baddogno

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