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Upside Down Chess

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    Okay, so I'm an extreme fan of upside down chess (pieces are switched so that pawns are one move away from promotion). I think this should be an option for online chess. By the way, if anyone wants to play upside down chess by correspondance, please send me a message.

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    ˙lǝıdsƃǝıɹʞ puɐ 'ssǝɥɔ lɐɔıɹǝɥds ƃuısol 'ssǝɥɔ ʇuǝɯǝɔɐldǝɹ 'ssǝɥɔ ƃuıqɯoq 'ssǝɥɔ ƃuısol ɹǝɟǝɹd ı

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    Good grief, NimzoRoy, where did you get that font?

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    When I saw the title of the post I thought it might refer to an OTB game wherein the players sit on opposite sides of the board than normal, i.e., the person playing white sits on the black side of the board. This might be good visualization training. I'll have to try it sometime.

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