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Game Explorer Still Not Working

  • 9 days ago · Quote · #141


    Can anyone confirm what Eric has written? I.e. find his recently finished online game in the Game Explorer?

  • 9 days ago · Quote · #142


    Marignon: That has not been done yet. It's just being started.

  • 9 days ago · Quote · #143


    netzach wrote:

    That "improvement" was to clutter up database with flippant "live-games" that did not belong there.

    Am also a member for long-time who loves the site but disgusted that this important feature got broken.

    I quite agree.

    Although I don't play Live, I'm surprised at the decision to purchase new equipment especially to import Live Games; would hardly have considered it a priority.

  • 19 hours ago · Quote · #144


    Why don't they just throw out the live games and keep the online games in it's entirety? The thing is much more gratifying for online games anywhow. But for online games it is!

  • 11 hours ago · Quote · #145


    I made the point hundreds of years ago that live games tend to be throwaway events compared to all the rest. But the powers that be insisted on importing those too - and the result is it buggered everything up. Who'd have thought it?

  • 5 hours ago · Quote · #146


    Someone who plays live often might be interested to see statistically how he fares in different openings.

    However, I agree that having Game Explorer for daily games is ten times more important.

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