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    Hello. I apologize if these issues should be discussed on my language's specific translation group or sub-forum. Unfortunately, I lost access to it. Need some troubleshooting and have a few questions.


    Troubleshooting: I had access to the Portuguese translation interface during the last days (I never got to use it due to a few indefinitions which I'll address in a moment). Today, I changed the language in my account settings back to English, but now I can't switch back to Portuguese and I don't have access to the translation interface anymore... Is there a way to regain access to the Portuguese interface? (I tried to post this message on my language's translation group sub-forum, but there is some quirk that does not allow me to do so... probably because I'm not a "translator" anymore?)

    An observation: The majority of what has already been translated to Portuguese looks like an awkward mix between Brazilian Portuguese and Google translator. There doesn't seem to be much organization underlying the process beyond a democratic voting system that only applicants have access to.


    It's great that I can contribute with my own translations/transcreations if I choose to (if I regain access to my language's interface), but I can only contribute with European Portuguese. Given the dialect indefinition on Chess.com part (I'm addressing this below), and the abundance of Brazilian dialect in the translations, I don't know if I should.


    I'm also not sure whether this is an effectively paid position? If so, how and when are translators paid? What are the terms?


    Indefinitions: I wish chess.com would clarify on whether it aims for Brazilian or European Portuguese. There seems to be some confusion or lack of insight in this department.


    The ideal, in my opinion, would be to enable both Brazilian and European Portuguese translations as two distinct dialects on chess.com. That's how Portuguese translation on any global website should be done because, although speakers of both dialects can reasonably understand each other, there are many aspects in the written form that aren't particularly easy to decipher for natives of the opposite dialect. A full Brazilian Portuguese translation will look awkward to a Portuguese and that a full European Portuguese translation will look awkward to a Brazilian.


    This is particularly important to point out on Chess.com because a significant portion of the text imbebed in the interface of the website seems to be gauging for an informal and friendly tone. This can dramatically exarcebate the contrast between European and Brazilian Portuguese if chess.com expects an accurate translation or transcreation: differences concerning not only "slang" vocabulary, but also sentence structure - it's a much deeper contrast than the contrast between the most common English dialects.


    Aiming for a compromisse between both dialects is likely to provide poor reading results; there are too many differences. So chess.com should identify which, if only one Portuguese interface theme can be pursued: Brazilian or European? Otherwise, chess.com should enable distinct translation interfaces for each dialect. What is chess.com position here?


    I wish Chess.com would be clearer about the issues I raised here. My apologies if these indefinitions have already been addressed.


    EDIT: Oh, nevermind about troubleshooting my issue with the translation interface. I managed to regain access to it.

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    Could one propose Esperanto?

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    I would like to translate chess.com app to Turkish Smile

    P.s.: Native Turkish speaker

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    VULPES_VULPES wrote:

    Could one propose Esperanto?

    Kompreneble, sed kiel rapide?

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    Lobster62 wrote:
    VULPES_VULPES wrote:

    Could one propose Esperanto?

    Kompreneble, sed kiel rapide?

    Ne rapide, mi pensas.

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    Russian translation of this site takes some balls, really it's laughable

    How could anyone came up with idea to translate Live Chess as "
    Живые шахматы" first what does to mind is "do they talk, eat, sleep, goes to work and pee?"

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    Openings       >>>Show All Friends??<<<

    I dont know, you may write something like "List everything" "Показать вcе" or "Show full list" "Показать весь список" but please get this out of my eyes!

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    I hope someone can translate Traditional Chinese, requested the experts to assist.

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    I can translate Korean and Japanese and and already submitted the google text for translation but there's no answer...-.- If you are concerned about payment i am very willing to consider. I'm korean and I am very fluent with Japanese too!!!

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    I translated it into traditional chinese.

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