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I'm starting a YouTube channel

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    Here are a couple more videos i made in the past day

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    InfiniteFlash wrote:

    How friendly is the user interface? Is it a nice looking board presented?


    Very friendly interface. Not pretty looking, no. Very utilitarian. Rapid-fire tactics. And it's free. Which is all I care about.

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    Caruana vs Carlsen

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    Another early queen sacrifice:

    1.e4 c5

    2.f4 d5

    3.Nf3 dxe4

    4.Ng5 Nf6

    5.Bc4 Bg4

    6.Qxg4!! Nxg4

    7.Bxf7+ Kd7

    8.Be6+ followed by


    The idea being white has 2 minors for the queen. And black king is uncomfortable. If white can keep the position closed, and not allow that queen to infiltrate, his minors should guarantee him a healthy initiative.



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