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New Site Design Feedback

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #261


    The movelist for the analysis board is too big.  It shows up bellow the board instead of to the right.

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #262


    At the very top left of the home page, where members can replace the chess.com logo with their own image: I can no longer see my image properly although it was perfectly visible before. Can you do anything to fix that?


  • 2 years ago · Quote · #263


    Love the new design! Two remarks though:

    - Will there be an option to choose a default view for current games in online chess? I prefer the old listing over the new gridview (or what's it called...)

    - The logo of my group is shown bigger then before, but since I resized it to 100x100px, the recommended image size, it's all pixelly :). Is the recommended image size bigger now?

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #264


    When will the enhanced privacy system be available please?

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #265


    I like the new design a lot!

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #266


    IMHO the new site is trying to cram far too much onto a single page. My biggest objection is that the new layout, small font sizes and some of the colours - especially that ridiculously pale pale grey - are very user-unfriendly for anyone with less than 20 / 20 vision: and there are lots of us! And when we try to blow up the screen by ctrl+ mouse wheel, then things just disappear off the page altogether! As a first measure, may I suggest that the integrity of lh side be preserved, so that blown-up messages etc.  are not 'clipped', losing letters, words etc. and thereby becoming unreadable.

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #267


    My font I reckon is 6...getting headache trying to read. Had to leave live....So it's not me...tf : )))

    Thanx Fantastico!!!

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #268


    This may have already been mentioned- there's something wrong with the W's (the letter "w" is showing up as about half there some of the time) ?

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #269


    Live Chess is discouraging when an opponent is given bonus time while the player is deducted time for temporary disconnection. It is aggravating to lose time from temporary disconnection and see the opponent given bonus time for the temporary time lapse in the temporary disconnect.

    The addition of bonus time to an opponent actually doubles the time the player is penalized for the temporary disconnect.  Subtracting 15 seconds to the player for the disconnect and adding 15 seconds to the opponent is tantamount to a 30-second time penalty.

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #270


    I thought premium members were supposed to be ads- free. So why am I getting messages at the top right telling me to get a better browser - Google Chrome, firefox, IE?

    And I hate the plug for c.c tournaments in the same area.

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #271


    lph wrote:
    chess_kebabs wrote:
    johanpalmaer wrote:

    I'm missing the Groups in the main menu.
    It has now been located as a subitem under "Share".
    The groups are - still - a unique contribution to the world chess community. Many members volunteer as group admins.
    Worth to promote!

    I agree Johan, I can't see a shortcut link anymore for MY GROUPS. You have to now go to 'GROUPS' and then scroll down and then you will see a link for MY GROUPS. But the direct link before was much better and quicker for us to get to our groups when we need to. Guess will have to bookmark pages here more that were easier to locate before. 

    it's in the home tab

    No it's not there, only GROUPS is there, MY GROUPS is not there. You  have to click on GROUPS and then you can see the link for MY GROUPS. On the old site you didn't need to do that.. one click and you were there, now it's 2. 

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #272


    HOME -> Groups & Teams takes me straight to My Groups.

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #273


    But I don't want to go to your groups Brad, I want to go to mine. 

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #274


    lol Wink

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #275


    yes I saw that before on my profile Kohai, I know that's there, thanks.

    But before there was a link under SEARCH on old site where you could go direct to MY GROUPS no  matter which page you were on.

    I didn't realise the link GROUPS & TEAMS was actually MY GROUPS AND TEAMS. Getting rid of the MY  threw me when there were 2 direct links there  before, one for ALL GROUPS and one for MY GROUPS. I often used both direct links.

    So thanks Brad, missed that before. 

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #276


    I can't see the average rating for Groups anymore. For example I wanted to send a team match challenge just now to Team Sweden but wanted to know what their average rating is so I know what parameters to set in the challenge. Can anyone see where it's hiding please?


  • 2 years ago · Quote · #277


    Point your cursor top right corner where it says HOME.

    Drop down appears - middle column of options shows Groups & Teams.

    That link takes you directly to the ones you're in aswell :)

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #278


    lol Babs :-)

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #279


    And you're welcome of course Babs :-)

  • 2 years ago · Quote · #280


    Thanks Kohai, yes I got that from Brad's comment. like I said I was thrown by that because it used to say MY GROUPS.. but I see now it is my groups even though it doesn't say it anymore :)

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